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As has been shown before, when Lady Red has a hunch, you can bank on it!

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here. Thanks for your patience while I was out on vacation for a couple weeks.

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Red’s hunch (read: infallibility) seems to imply that there’s only a single drain pipe for the entire city. Where the escapee’s are.
Doesn’t seem very efficient, but if there are in fact others, might knock her pride down some if she brought the guard to the wrong one.

Is her hunch correct?

With trouble flaring across the city, Oscura takes measures to secure the situation before tallying up the intensity of the trouble happening in her own palace.

Her anxiety is off the charts. So too is her unease with Shaleigh’s surprise assault on the capital and her court. The Queen really has her hands full this time and judging from previous pages the snake-hearted fox isn’t done with Oscura yet.

Meanwhile, Pyra (I think it’s her), who is putting the pieces together, may have surmised where to find the source of the backfire. Is she right?

Are you sure you don’t mean Lady Red? Pyra’s the one in the background who just got her beloved puff lopped off. ^__^;;

I can see pyra glaring at cinder I think she sees her as a traitor the disdain frown on her face funny and I think she is thinking getting riah right now for revenge of cutting her hair better that than her life man Scyde is and her a thousand legioned coming than sombrana is going to star a kuu the earth dragon are going to allie with the tigers hopefully this reminds me now of this song devour devour sufficate your own empire than is writning on the wall with oscura now

You may have a hunch, Lady Red, but the Plot has a dartboard. Kekw. Seriously though, I am still invested, and curious how things will turn out. Ever since that AnimeCon in 2013 where I awkwardly asked about the booth next to yours and took a webpage card from your booth so I didn’t look like a total asshat.

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