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Along came trouble and now it’s double!

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

This will be the last page of the main story for the year as December is just about here and that means that it’s time for this year’s Draconia Chronicles Holiday Special! Come back soon as we check in on the residents of Draconia Lane as we see what they’re up to this time around!

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Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!

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So… now the killing starts? The Dragons could just burn the ground. Unless Lady Red has orders not to hurt Kilani?

I’m still trying to decide if Shaleigh actually has/had a plan right now that advances Kess’ cause, or if instead she’s just betraying Kess and trying to get herself away from ground zero.
… And if she did have a plan, how much of that plan got disrupted by suddenly having a Dragon army show up at the same time?

So we’ve got sizable forces on both sides prepping themselves for bloody battle – which I’m hoping means that there’s someone on each side that’s going to look at the high stakes and seek a different option. Kilani, Kess, and Xhianil are already in the ‘truce’ camp – can they persuade others to join them, if the alternative is risking your own neck?

It continues to astound me just how utterly unlikeable every single character is in this story. Even the ones that are supposed to be sympathetic have some annoying or irredeemable aspects to them that makes me want to roll my eyes in despair and frustration. It truly leaves a sour taste in my mouth with every new page that comes out.

I’ve stopped caring about this story numerous times, yet I keep coming back out of some naive hope that there is some kind of improvement to the characters and the writing, Yet here they are, being a bunch of despicable assholes as always. Not gonna lie. It feels really bad…

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