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Oh, Kilani, what are you up to now?

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Doom of Death Drives Determination.

Naisha brings Kilani and Co. to a few old faces hiding in the brush. Ennek and Rula are waiting and explain the how and why. Their battalion was given on the premise of avenging a fallen friend but then reveal that the whole motive was to instead rescue Kilani from the Dragon’s clutches. The two weren’t about to tell Scyde about the scary truth and as a result a whole horde of tigers are set to storm the palace and slaughter whatever Dragons they cross.

Kilani is horrified at this and after some self-deprecating determines she has to stop this whole attack in its tracks before any more blood is spilled.

Can Kilani’s good-hearted hope halt this disaster or is the war about to take a new, gory turn?

Nothing quite like giving the tiger with a martyr complex confirmation that horrible things about to happen are indeed because of her! Kilani may want to die in the vain hope her sacrifice will bring peace, but she seems to keep finding unfinished business that keeps her going – situations that she convinces herself are hers to resolve. Given how both sides want to keep her alive, I’m divided on whether her mortal wound will end up either happening by accident in the crossfire or be self-inflicted… but either way it could shock both sides into temporary stillness.

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