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Bolt-blasting badass Elektra is back along with her motley crew! Is another epic fight with Scyde waiting in the wings? Stay tuned…

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Wow, we haven’t seen Elektra in ages.

Anyway. With reinforcements revealed, Sear and her companions continue to withdraw but not before sparks fly between the two dragons over a past incident. Elektra takes it all in stride until her attention is diverted by her flight familiar announcing that someone of interest is involved.

Who is this “She” the dragon is mentioning is it Xhianil or someone else?

With their smaller tool-like implements, being more afraid of the lightning, and the rest of the squad covering them, going to make a speculation that the three assigned to hacking the bars aren’t there primarily as fighters, more for utility and getting through obstacles. Which in this case are steel bars, and since they don’t look the strongest (middle one for whatever reason reminding me of Xiu), they may be there a while.
Also, interesting to see Amperie making use of the metal gauntlet of her fallen comrade, Circuitae. Unless she made her own as a way of remembrance.

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