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It’s not easy being the peacekeeper!

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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I keep forgetting… How do the dragons know Kilani has a royal dispensation? Is it something she’s wearing?

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Kilani has captured everyone’s attention and prevented a pouring of blood from staining the landscape. But her efforts are mostly put off by Elektra and Scyde who just want her to slide out of there and not interfere. When Scyde questions Kilani on the halting of hostilities the answer she receives incenses her further until Kilani cuts in that she’s the only wall between them and death of their kin. If a single Tiger is killed their blood and the blame for their death will fall on Scyde’s shoulders.

Is incurring bloodguilt enough to stay Scyde scythe or will the tiger’s deathly determination mean another massacre is about to unfold? What of Elektra? Will she be shocked into surrender or charge ahead?

If Lady Red’s earlier behavior is any indication, the royal dispensation doesn’t just mean that dragon’s cant attack her – it means they are responsible for her safety. So if Scyde gets scythe-happy here, suddenly it’s the fault of all the dragons present for not preventing it…

Wouldn’t THAT be a look, dragons having to swoop in to save her – or even to apply healing, if there are any light dragons in the flock? Minds boggling on both sides!

That’d be a kicker, alright! Right now, though, it sounds like the rule is that Kilani shan’t be killed or injured, whether directly or via collateral damage, by Dragonkind, thus prompting Elektra’s relatively polite demands to have Kilani vamoose so that Elektra and Scyde can properly fight. Elektra said it herself when she mentioned not wanting to jeopardize her already-precarious standing with the Imperial Palace. And as for the Tigers, they want Kilani to stand trial for desertion and they can’t do that if she’s deceased, so both sides have an interest, albeit a begrudging one, in keeping Kilani alive.

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