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Kilani deserves a standing ovation for this one. That’s a wrap on Chapter Nine!

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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I also wanted to comment on a thought I had about the Tiger’s choice in weaponry. They face an Enemy that has the ability of flight, AND can, for the most part fling their Magics from range. Fire, Lightning, even Water Dragons. So why do Tigers continue to forge melee weapons? I’d have figured they’d make Javelins or throwable Spears, while keeping Daggers for close quarters. And if they know Zhirite negates Magic, why not craft jewelry or Armor from it?

Great question about the melee weapons! In a fight, projectile weapons such as javelins would be single-use weapons. If you miss, you’re now unarmed, and good luck retrieving it after figuring out where it landed. The battalion of Tigers did have a small cadre of snipers peeking out of the treetops, so they weren’t entirely unprepared for an aerial assault. The battalion also came all the way here under the cover of a thick canopy of trees which makes it harder for Dragons to see them, much less hit them. Furthermore, they were planning to march right into the sewer pipe until Lady Red’s freshly-installed bars stalled them in a clearing. Everything was going fine for Scyde up until that last bit!

Stand Down and Survival.

Kilani has safely defused this death trap from springing upon hapless souls. Scyde sends an unspoken utterance to Elektra who is understandably amazed Scyde knows her name. When a fire flyer mentions a past deed that demolished a certain draconic district she also lightens Elektra, saying her spark may be able to shine again. As for the Tigers, the group looks upon their star with mixed feelings. Some display disdain while others purr with pride.

A single Tiger has stayed the heat of battle. But how long will it last? And can Elektra and Scyde reconcile or will their feud fuel their fires and send them down the warpath once again?

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