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Did Farron just compliment Sesame in his own special way?

That pack is ENORMOUSE!

Hey, he has a lot of shit to sell and carry around – hence he is a ‘Pack Rat’. Plus it’s all his worldly possessions too, after-all it isn’t called ‘Farron’s Extraordinary Traveling Shop’ for nothing.

Still, it shows he has prodigious strength and durability to carry it around.

We saw Sesame kick a heavy pod miles away in a moment of anger and nobody commented on how powerful that kick was. Try kicking a football (whatever version of “football” you prefer) even a decent fraction of that distance.

Now, you’re surprised he can carry a large backpack that is obviously magical?

I wanna see those mounts(?) in first panel up close. *-*

Those are Dosar, kind of like lizard-sheep-hybrid creatures! They aren’t so much used as mounts as they are for their meat and wool. I really should do more with the wildlife in Evyr rather then just showing background images of them. I may release some more info on the About-Page 🙂

Awww sesame seems to like farron! Lol cat and mouse is in natural…

Technically a rat. She is still an inexperienced adventurer that needs some guidance.

Well… I guess and yeah rat is it! I haven’t read the bios… I usually don’t… And we all know what he is gona do now! Lol… He… Is afraid to ask sesame for a… Little favor… Maybe a quick favor that can pay off the debt… Since that little incident…in the river… I think farron is little bit excited… I am not makeing any sense right now… Don’t judge I am tired as flip… I can’t think worth a bufkin… Guh… So many ready lines and I still don’t know why I am rambleing DISREGARD THIS WHOLE POST EXCEPT FOR THE CAPS!!!wiiialhilmsiidiigdisregardthiswholepostexceptthecaps…

How do you know so much about this comic?

I am ‘Phuufy’ or ‘Phsuke’ the co-creator of UberQuest. I color,draw backgrounds,do character concept and the majority of the writing for the comic. Skidd does the drawing though. 🙂

Is it just me or is farons pack locked with a crystal? And also is said crystal cracked? Plus i have to admit that faron probably isnt going to the “funhouse” for fun. Am i hitting any marks?

Enchanted pad-lock what you’re seeing is a key-hole, the bag is ‘magical item’ in and of itself, it has it’s own little back-story. It’s useful beyond what it seems. Farron is going to the brothel for all the obvious reasons any man would. He has no ulterior motive other then satisfying himself.

With a bag of merchandise that large, I’m surprised Farron doesn’t have the entire bag enchanted. He said if anyone touches the lock… bad stuff happens. But what if someone cuts the bag open with a knife? It already looks like it’s bursting at the seams.

If you truly want an idea why you don’t want to cut it, google the term “Bag of holding”. His pack is basically that, since the webcomic is loosly based on fantasy RPGs and the term comes from the original RGP… DnD.

I do play DnD. I know this bag of holding, of which you speak.

I see people from #19 not magic… So yea.

She really asked him that?

Aww, it’s adorable, isn’t it? She saw him naked, and now she wants the rat-dick.

I mean let’s be honest, when was the last time you dangled something in front of a cat’s face and it DIDN’T try to paw at it a bit?

Farons a player
is he like this comics glenn quagmire?

Not that much of an exaggerated trope.I akin his personality to House,Captain Jack Sparrow, The Dude and maybe a bit of Miroku from Inuyasha. He’s a ‘Cynical Hedonistic Sarcastic Loner-Type who has many vices, not excluding stealing,cheating,conning,alcohol,drug use, womanizing and being extremely lazy’ He’s a horny guy, but it doesn’t control him to the point that’s all he thinks about or that he would be super pushy about sex. Think of him as the ‘Bad Boy’ of the group or an ‘Anti-Hero’ .


Btw, its funny how she wants him in her group after the bath. I guess she likes bad boys or something xD

hmmm so his name is Farron Jaques?

Yep. We have other last names for all the characters too! Just got to find the right time to drop them. :3

wooo brothel vixen goooo

I gotta confess so far I thought that Sesame was meant to be another battle hardened warrior, but seeing her as an adorable and (at times)naive rookie is just nice.

Real interested to hear more about her backstory. 🙂

Also poor Sesame is all left out, she’s so cute on the three panels in the middle. :3

Rather interesting how nobody has mentioned Claire’s change in attitude once she found “civilization”. She seems to think she can now do whatever she wants.

She seems to have forgotten she is actually worse off than a fish on a fisherman’s hook.

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