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Quest log updated: retrieve precious item, stay safe until battle is over. Item received: pendant of unknown origin, to unlock the vault.

This is an “S” rank quest, we just wont tell you why, or what you’re guarding until you get there. Dad needs to increase some levels in his communications skill tree.

The village, the attack- it’s all a distraction! That explains how the artifact went missing. Now who are these guys who stole it? A secret society of lackeys lead by a fat cat with a monocle that’s confirmed as the next Bond villain?
But who’s attacking the village? Gah, THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!!!

light the beacon so that Rohan may answer….also, ASSASSIN!!!!!! and is it me or does he kind of look like the same schmuck whose arm Sesame broke.

There is a similarity, yes. But the assassins eyes are green. Bullies eyes are sky blue.

Good eye,
although, over 10 years the eyecolor may shift from blue to green. Some people have multicolored eyes. It’s both creepy and fascinating at the same time.
Well, I can’t wait for the next page either way.

So there is a chance that her childhood bully is an assassin from her recent past? GOD DAMMIT, THE PLOT IS GETTING WAY TOO THICK FOR ME!!

I bet
500 caps that she’ll beat him
500 septims that she dismembers his limbs
500 credits that she dislocates every bone in his body
500 scrip that she rips off his **** and *** ** ****** *** ***** ****** **** him with it

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