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All I’ll say is that there are indeed SOME dragons that need to be killed for taking WAY too much pleasure in the pain that they cause……But then again, that’s just my pacifist side saying that. MY warmongering side says kill em all, but I ignore that side cause it’s generally stupid.

Well she certainly has her just reason to hate dragons, but evil begets evil…how hard it is of course to actually follow what one preaches, but Riah and Shie do have my sympathy for the lost eye :/ and all the suffering involved. What a difficult time to get around in~ Keep the marvelous work up RazorFox ^^

Your PACIFIST side says some people need to die?  o_0

Hey, he knows that some people deserve to die for the horrors they’ve committed. I call it my pacifist side cause, well, that’s the side that doesn’t like fighting too much, but knows when to take a stand. Or when it’s time to punish things. That’s when the sadistic side starts to come out…

Of course, a tragic irony might be if Riah’s eye was lost due incidentally and not from the sadistic tendencies of a dragon–and the screams were in response to a dragon’s attempt at healing.

How would she have lost the eye then? And why would they try and heal her?

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