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yeah, and who would pass up a free grope? ^w^

I’m tempted to make that Naisha’s pet project, with her twin sister Rula helping her out.  She might be determined to “infiltrate” Ennek.  ^o^

BOOM, headshot



ENNEK is confused–oh, wait, not that but the other thing: pissed off.

Awesome page, RazorFox.  You did an escellent job with catching my attention… and showing it’s not always good to get Kess’ attention.

Avoiding her furry fists of fury is easy.  Just make sure she can see you beforehand.  Otherwise, it’s Fat Lip City for you!  ^o^

Oh, now if only we could try and get some dragons to surprise her… so at least her defense is justified.

maybe the third or 4th. but it would develop. That kinda excuse gets lame and cheap real fast when you swallowing blood and spitting up chicklets.

Love Riah’s kitten like pose there. Though speaking of conventions, any chance you’ll ever be at Anime Boston or Otakon? Those are the two I’m able to go to regularly and It’d be awesome to meet you.

I’d love to meet you, too.  At this time, though, I have no plans to hit either of those.  Otakon would be slightly more realistic, as it’s substantially closer to me, though I haven’t attended since 2005.  Too big, too expensive, and too hot.  I’ve never done Anime Boston, though people have been trying to get me out there for years.  Maybe one day.  Until then, my three “core” anime cons are Katsucon (DC), Anime Weekend Atlanta, and NekoCon (Virginia).

Sounds like she punches people in her sleep. Defiantly don’t want to bunk near her.

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