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Heh.  Poor Kess, you may want to re-evaluate your ideas about Princess Kiriad’s ability to make decisions… and RazorFox… as always, awesome work!

Nice how you hid the naughty bits. Should be interesting how this plays out

Thanks.  The slugs were unavailable, so the panel gutter had to be employed.  We’ll see whether Briella meets up with the Tigers, and if so, who blinks first soon enough.  ~__^

huh…huh..huh…You said “gutter”.

1. Kess’s pose is begging for it, so I’m just gonna say it: KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANN!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p 2. Clever Danny, using the panel bar to censor the page. 3. Yay! Briella’s here! I was wondering when she would return. 4. I find it interesting that the Dragons and Tigers spell/pronounce “Khalira” differently. 5. As usual, nice work.

1. You’re not the first person to make that remark.  Probably not the last, either.  ^__^

2. Thanks!  Had to keep the page worksafe.
3. I was eager to get her back in the story, too.  She was a lot of fun to work with in her earlier scene.
4. Might just be the same word filtered through two different languages.  ~__^
5.  Thank you very much!  ^__^

Are you absolutely sure it’s pronounced differently? I’d think it’s still possible that the e in Calera is pronounced like the first e in Seattle. Then I’d think they would be pronounced the same way. Although if they are pronounced differently, that’s no big surprise. It’s like how Beijing was once called Peking.

Excellent comparison with the “Beijing” vs. “Peking” observation.  I’d actually intended the Dragon “Calera” to be pronounced as “cah-LEHR-ah,” and the Tiger “Khalira” to be pronounced “kha-LEE-rah” (gotta make that “Kh” further down in your throat; think Arabic).

That’s interesting. I think I’ll say that the “Khalira” pronunciation came first and the dragons adopted the word “Calera” for the caves after they battled the tigers there.It’s odd, though… apparently it was a tragic defeat for the tigers. So why does Briella call it the “gods-damned Calera”?– why do the dragons hate it?– or is there actually a reason to believe that there is a curse on it? Very interesting…

Great page. Well, They’ve all found themselves within the infamous Khalira, so what else could go wroung? Also, love the silhoette and pose of Briella in the 4th panel (or would that have been the third panel based on the U.C. version?). And thanks for the shout out, man. C ya next year.

Actually, the gutter (the bar between panels) is still there in the uncensored version, so it’s still officially 5 panels, either way.  Glad you like that pose.  I’ve always liked showing the Dragons making graceful landings.

Every one is so upset, so much stress can’t be good for them. I don’t know if Tigers and Dragons get premature wrinkles, but they do have hair and they will loose it if this keeps up.

I like what you did with Briella’s hair in panel 4.

Thank you.  As she’s coming in for a landing, her hair would get flipped up a little bit by the rushing air.  I thought it made her look a little like Buttercup from “The Powerpuff Girls.”  ^__^

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