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I was going to ask about Briella’s “powers” (or “Gifts”) and saw that they were answered. Air Dragons can play with photons… Razor? Although invisible, Briella cannot mask noise, such as her heartbeat. If your Tigers have the capability inherent in the cat family, it is possible that they could hear that sound and wonder where it is coming from. Harry Potter had the same trouble with his cloak of invisibility. That is, unless she can change the density of the air, and make it difficult for sound to travel…But even that argument can create problems such as fog or chill where nothing should be… I will go on the assumption that they were conversing too loudly to pick it up… Just thoughts…Good arm positioning btw…  😎

Glad I was able to answer your questions before you could ask them.  We’ve never really gotten a good look at what a powerful Light Dragon can do, so I figured that, as part of this story arc, Briella could give us a demonstration of what tricks she has up her proverbial sleeve.

And as for the sound issue, you’re absolutely right.  Rula and Naisha chatting and calling out for Kenzi could easily drown out a heartbeat (I figured Briella would hold her breath here), especially with their voices echoing throughout the caverns.

I have such astute fans!  I love you guys!!  ^o^

well if your going to play MGS. start with its PS2 counterparts before moving onto MGS4. spoils all the fun. but since MGS4 is the most current. i’d go with that. its got yer stealth camo. beware its 400K price. because i’ve seen that thing myself. its NOT cheap.

Thanks!  I like drawing the Dragons making graceful landings.  And Briella’s hair has been the same all throughout.  Any similarity between her design and the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic character Photo Finish is purely coincidental.  ~__^

AH HAH! they arent! thats just a price in the game! the disc itself is QUITE cheap my fine orance furred friend. but might i suggest a cast page? think ya can squeeze that in? [i cant keep track of what the main characters are and the minor characters]

oh yeah and uh do you take character additions? [i’ve got one heck of a character that would do you and your tiger friends alotta good. but be prepared. he dont take primitive weaponry lightly. and hates magic. so think of him as a “futuristic” character from the looks of it the fox territory. and he’s extremely detailed and decorated in war tactics and weaponry. if your interested in letting him appear. i’ll pass ya details through comments]

“They’re in my hair!? Eew!!” Not the sort of reaction I’d expect from Sesame. Just an observation.

Also: nose boop, uber cute.

Also: Ses, start listening to him, so far the survivalist has been explaining, but the student’s not listening. You’re not always going to find a big steak to put on the table.

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