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It would be nice if a tiger and a dragon (both adults) could just get along for once D:

I agree. It would be nice to see them stuck in a situation where they had to work together, or at the very least, not try to murder each other, in order to survive. Going through something together might make them see the futility and insanity of their conflict.

On a completely different note…Just re-read the dialog where Kess was trying to figure out what type of Dragon she was dealing with.  She left out Earth–which isn’t too surprising since they aren’t a war-oriented type.  Oscura might have a “Secret Weapon” she’s been ignoring in her petty way.  (Yeah, Kess didn’t mention Water either, but that’s probably more because she didn’t get to finish the list.  Pretty sure Waters get out and around more than the Earths do.)

Ummm…  actually, if you RE-re-read the dialogue, you’ll see that Kess actually DOES mention Water.  But interesting point about the Earth Dragons being a “secret” weapon.  Maybe Lady Red will need to try to persuade Eone a little harder to enlist her friends’ services…

Gaz: Soap, yer on point, find a way out of here. *soap walks up into the house with everyone else* Captain price: FLASHBANG! *BOOM!* *Player fires whatever shots He’s got in the mag to kill his enemy in the doorway the flashbang came through* [heh heh… Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare referrence, Act 1, level 4. because this comic page reminds me of that very moment] Razor. Once again you outdo yourself.

This comics starting to resemble the CoD series as well as MGS series. exempting the grenades, guns, rockets. tanks, helicopters…. and the cool body armor.

How do you figure?

I’ll tell ya how i figure. Briella is a light dragon right? Flashbangs are like her light abilities. Except their in the form of blasting powder and or gunpowder packed in with some other explosive required to explode in a flash of light, and a loud bang. [which is how it got its name] Now if ya wanna talk about Semtex or Concussion grenades….. they have nothing to do with the story. [but what scares me is the fact that Razor may go as far as to include references to the grenades i just listed…. including frag grenades… but then he’d be flattering my love for a good explosion]


First off: Not every warrior can be the strongest fighter or be completely independent. A true warrior draws strength from his/her allies and knows when to ask for help.

And b: Distractions are how open-world fantasy quests go. It starts with a dragon and ends up in a brothel. It’s just that simple.

Is it me… Or did Sesame’s Breasts grow a little?

I saw it too, but wasn’t sure.
Poor girl, they are completely useless in fight…

She’s still young. I’m sure they’re still in the process of growing to their full size. It’s not uncommon for them to grow a size or two during times of stress. Right? Right? Well, it sounded good in my head. LOL.

Clever girl….SKREEEEEEEEE!

Shoot her, SHOOT HER!

That sounds like a line from “Lonesome Dove”. The difference was the character was shouting, “Shoot him! Shoot him!”

It’s been a while since I saw “Jurassic Park”. So, I had forgotten that line. However, it is almost exactly the same line as I quoted from “Lonesome Dove”. Of course, since birds are supposed to be feathered dinosaurs, your comparison works better than mine.

The hunter just became the hunted. That’s one big bird; I know Sesame’s strong but without her sword, she won’t be able to defend herself much less deal the coup de grace on it. Well I hope Farron decides on counting his money later and saves Sesame’s whiskers, but as greedy he is I bet he’ll count it all before doing anything else, making sure if that’s all the money those lover-boys have. X3

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