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Poor Briella… the sight of three sexy Tigress pouncing would be heaven for anyone BUT a Dragon…

all three are naked amazing, oh yeah the girl is trouble. 0-0

Briella might call this “trouble,” but apparently, many observers are calling this a slice of heaven.  ^__^

Hmmm…three pouncing tiger ladies…In a normal situation, that’d be hot XD  This is not one of them.  Briella, execute maneuver: Porkchop Sandwiches, a.k.a., GET THE #!%# OUT OF THERE!  (Also, can’t unhear Metal Gear Solid alert themes XD)

…There are people out there who would love to be in Briella’s position right now.I don’t think our lovely feline ladies will tear her apart. Well, at least not immediately.

For Briella’s escape? I will go for the Teebow duck and roll, which will take her out of the tri-Tiger Blitz…Then, she has a clear run for the goal until the two safeties show up.

So do Rula, Kenzi, and Naisha qualify as the Cincinnati Bengals?  Everyone can see what I did there.  ^__^

I know *I* would be happy to see those three naked chicks pouncing me, but I’m pretty sure Briella isn’t. I guess the fact she can’t fly here is balanced by the Tigresses wielding no weapon, but it’s still 3 on 1… I wonder what she’s gonna do now ^^’

LOL she gets ambushed! Yet in the most unlikely scenario for any comic is that she became friends with the group? That would be a miracle in it self haha!

Wonder if there are ant tiger slaves for the dragons, or tigers that help the dragons to git rid of rival tribes like what happened in Africa with the slave trade?

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