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This is indeed an interesting turn of events! her quick thinking saved her tail, good thinking Briella ^^! Though I do feel bad for our tiger gal who seems to have chipped her tooth; ooouch!

Ah so the official was Joel after all… I wonder, will his presence make watching innocents die easier or more difficult?
You know it is a pity when you have heard society speak a certain way for so long you begin to believe it yourself, you lose your ability to see what is truly right and wrong for yourself.

I uh, see a stark resemblance to Christianity with whatever faith they have there. And well, pretty much every religion I know even more than basics about. Is that a coincidence or?

Its based on most monotheistic religions (Judaism,Islam,Christianity) Im not so knowledgeable on polytheistic religions – generally they seem more lax from what I’ve read. But not exactly true with Evyr, we’ll delve more into the details of the main religions in the comic at a later date.Essentially Feras have the idea that procreation = fantastic and anything that doesn’t mean procreation is sinful.Along with some other tenants..

Just to satisfy my puerile curiosity, does that include, er, non-penetrative forms of sexual activity, e.g. fellatio, even if performed by a heterosexual couple?

Most folks glance over the heterosexual stuff because they presume they’ll pop out kids eventually (even if that never is the case). But the same-sex deviancy seems entirely pointless in the populaces eyes.. or well, the religious half anyways.

There are religions in real life that view the purpose of sex SOLELY to be for reproduction. No birth control alowed, all that jazz. Those people who doctored the Planned Parenthood videos actually said that they wanted PP shut down because they opposed the idea of sex for pleasure.

ah so that guy is a roo, im gonna assume since he said g’day, although tbh a common greeting here in Australia is: Owzitgoin? XD tho i wonder if only Australians might understand that as we have the accent to say that in our heads and understand it so translation is: hows it going?

no i’m pretty sure that guys a lynx. G’day isn’t exactly unique to Australia, just more common there

true, but he has a long tail like a kangaroo, and a lynx typically has a really sort tail, dont they?

The question this raises to me, though is … do gods actually exist in Evyr? In many fantasy settings, the gods are tangible, if elusive beings … they 100% absolutely positively exist. Others, not so much. And as well, is this divine decree explicitly stated it their texts, or is it just a popular interpretation or the one handed down from their religion’s Head Honcho? (I know, I know, all in due time …)

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