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Comic 276

Comic 276 published on 204 Comments on Comic 276


Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

So, with this page, I do believe the score is now Briella 3, Tigers 1.  We have points on the board.  Do we also have some blood on the floor?  Will Briella recover from Shie‘s suplex?  Stay tuned.

Those of you looking for a soundtrack to this page can pull up “Beast” by KMFDM.

I am now a proud citizen of the 2010s.  The big news this past week was that I am now the proud owner of a gently-used Wacom Cintiq 21UX, allowing me to draw right on the screen, along with a sweet new computer setup.  It’s the biggest overhaul in my digital art equipment since 1999, when I bought my first scanner.  I can’t help but be a little giddy at all of this, so please excuse me if my post here is a little incoherent tonight.

FYI, page 276 is the first page to be colored with the Cintiq, but like the 275 other pages before it, it was drawn by hand on actual paper.  That’s going to continue to be the case, at least through the end of Chapter Four.  While I don’t expect there to be any huge change in the comic’s visual style, I’d rather not make any big changes mid-stream.  Thus, drawing the comic digital is still a little ways off, and I can practice on the new equipment in the meantime.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the fine fellow who sold me the Cintiq.  I’d like to thank my longtime artist pal, Mr. James Dawsey, who was kind enough to offer me first dibs at purchasing the unit so that he could upgrade to the next model.  James runs Vigilance Press, specializing in comics and RPG materials.  Do my buddy a solid and check out his wares.

With that, it’s actually been an exhausting week, what with all the changes made around here.  Time to catch some sleep, and then get to work on page 277.  What else has Shie got lined up for Briella?  Is this curtains for our frazzled Dragon, or has she got one more trick up her scales?

The answers to all that and more… next week!  Be sure to join the Draconia Chronicles Facebook page!  Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



I guess well thought out and logical reasoning are out of the question.

And when have you showed dragons sweating in the past?

Most recently, Lady Red broke a sweat on page 255 [link]. And when Eone, Lady Red, and their respective teams were battling the lava, they, too, were shown sweating. Too late to change it. Sorry! ^__^;;

But Briella is a light and falls into the category of those that should not sweat. Besides I still think that any sent should be covered by the sewer smell that should still be on the tigers. Even Kess said they couldn’t wash the smell off.

Honestly how strong are those horns? Gaia’s got broken so it’s not like you could spin a dragon by then with out them breaking. All of witch are still too cruel.

Depends on their maintenance. They’re very similar to fingernails, though, obviously much thicker. With that, maintenance and nutrition can influence how strong they are. Gaia was incarcerated for a couple years with meager sustenance, so hers were already pretty brittle. Briella’s had a good life thus far, so hers can take a bit more punishment.


Briella got to make a George of The Jungle imprint on the Khalira floor and Shie got to play “Airplane” with something that can actually fly. Fun… To be honest I hope this entire story is from a history textbook in the already present world of the post-apocalyptic industrial space drifter spaceship S.S. DracoTiger with Shie appearing as Isaac Clarke, Briella as Chiana, and Shaleigh as Mother Brain (This would of course result in a very unlikely replica of Star Wars Episode 1 though, only without all that republic nonsense and that one n00b that gets turned to the dark side 14 years later.) But I digress…

I will stay tuned ~__^

… poor briella…. ;.;

Been watching the comics for a very long time.

And i really do like the character, and really hope so Briella left alive by the tigers, just this one throw allow could immobilise her, and be truely a shame throw a good character with great potential and plot twisting chances on the altair of gore.

It would be a shame, but it’s also not beyond the realm of possibility for a pissed-off Tiger. The ball’s in Shie’s court, so let’s see how she plays it.

But, but, but…She’s too amazing to die.

Then again…if she knew that the dragon shit smell would have given her away when she was cloaked…why did she think that hiding in a crevice would have been any different? See better have at least one more really amazing ability to help her get out of this if she hopes to redeem herself.

Bri is in terrible trouble. These are tigers that just broke out of Dragon jail and have probably seen the worst of dragon to Tiger hate. If she doesn’t think of something shes going to be used to relive pent up rage. Honestly I think her only hope is if some-tiger steps in pleading for her mercy since she cant beg for her life in a language the tigers can understand.

Sorry if I am spamming, but I decided to take a few hours to read the entire webcomic from the beginning. You’ve done an outstanding job thus far, Razorfox, but I can’t help but laugh at all the crybabies who are opposed to seeing Briella getting used as a punching bag. Clearly none of them have bothered to read the comic from the beginning. I distinctly remember poor old Gaia getting viciously decapitated by Scyde and having her severed head used as a projectile on another dragon. Unless Briella is integral to the story, I’m kinda hoping she meets the same fate, at least so I can see Kobra baww all over the comments section. XD

She’s quite a trooper, taking one for the team like that. I owe her a relaxing vacation after all this. ^__^;

and a swift kick in Lady Red’s ass!!

I was thinking: with this Dragon/Tiger discussion, is there any other species besides them and Scyde (being a vixen)? and what about you? will you appear in the story?

oop! sorry! n.n’ names crossed! but yeah I think it’ll be too soon to appear right now. That part of you appearing actually came from G17 ‘moving’ comic. Anyway, I guess the story needs some time to unfold other species and your appearance. Well… um… can’t wait monday 😀

For the other draconiacs that don’t understand what “moving” I’m saying please go here:

Well…….things are looking pretty grim for Briella. But something’s gotta happen to save her from those blood thirsty tigers. I’m thinking Kilani might pop up and try to calm everyone down. I know she won’t be able to convince them to let her go, but they might take her as prisoner if she can convince them. I think I die a little inside every time a I see a dead dragon……..

All good ideas. We’ll see how things shake out. Don’t rule anything out yet. ~__^

and now is miss to awsom in big trobel from the one wome tiger army 😛 oh lets see how it will get along nice work like alway’s 🙂

I think what you wrote there is “And now it’s Miss Too Awesome in big trouble from the One-Woman Tiger Army.” Am I right?

And yes, Briella’s in a world of hurt right now. Thanks for the kind words, and here’s hoping you’ll be back for future installments. Things aren’t over quite yet. ~__^

god says naigh the dragon must live or god will smight the

I think our local deities will be cool with this. I’ve already got it worked out with each of them. ~__^

Man… I really like this comic, but I seriously DON’T want to see this plot thread end with the dragon getting tortured/killed. I get that the two races are at war, but I like the Tigers AND the Dragons.

I, for one, can think of a lot more enjoyable things I’d like to see the girls doing to each other (instead of killing each other).

Thanks for reading, Bojack! As for Dragons and Tigers feuding, there are indeed alternatives to fighting. Checkers, for instance…

Though I feel that that would eventually devolve into physical violence, too. (“Crown me!” “Gladly!” *ba-KLANG!) ^__^;

at this point I have become a devout dragon fan. why? BECAUSE WE KNOW MORE ABOUT THEM THEN THE FLEABAGS. But for some reason you love telling us not to by killing the characters we care about. If the rumors are true and briella lives then I’ll cut you some slack, slack I havent given since your execution of Gaia for your own personal reasons.

Not that I dont like the tigers though. Kilani will remain my favorite in the group because she dosent judge the dragons. heck, she raised the princess under the promise to her dying escort to protect the little one when she was just an egg. And shes still searching for peace between the two.

I’m also a dragon fan too (Even though I don’t like there Queen.) And I agree with you, both on what you’re saying about the dragons and the favorite about the tigers. Though I’m still curios about what the feature holds for Raz. Weather she will join Kiani to try and spread peace or go the other direction.

The only real problem Briella has is her element. If she were a Earth dragon then she could change the tunnels to split the tigers up. But if she were a electric or fire dragon then she could just take them all out. Then we’d see those putty cats run.

I see Shie having a huge arsenal of wrestling moves: sit-out power bomb, choke slam, double-handed choke slam, chops, muscle buster, olympic slam and even submissions (most likely the coquina clutch or cobra clutch or figure-four leg lock as a tribute to Ric Flair). That’s the feeling I get considering her size.

That’s the idea, too. I want to give different Tigers different fighting styles. Shie’s is going to be mainly power moves–punches, slams, suplexes, powerbombs, etc. Kess is more about kicks and punches, kind of MMA style. Riah’s all about weapons, and the twins employ lots of double-teaming.

The message I wanted to send with this set of pages was “Don’t [screw] with a ‘big cat.'” ^__^

… it Monday already? I want to see what happens next T_T. If Briella does end up into dragon paste then she’ll never fulfill her revenge on Lady Red. And if she lives, that’s going to definitely hurt in the morning >_> and she’ll most likely blame Lady Red for that as well (methinks Briella is due for a vacation XD), there are so many directions that this story can go in (is Briella really the dragon that hurt Riah or is Shie taking it out on the wrong dragon? I’m pretty sure the description Kess gave of Briella matches one other dragon that I remember seeing, but I’m not typing names XD)…..I’m going to need more popcorn ^_^. Thank you Razor for making Monday a day to look forward to!

Angular momentum may mean that her knees get hit the hardest, but hitting nose first may mean that both her eyes are black now. >.>

Lol. Looks like the Crouching dragon got owned by the Hidden Tiger this time XD

Here’s a possibility of Briella’s escape from this situation. But might not be the one that you’re thinking of RazorFox. Shie sprinted ahead of Kess and the others, leaving the torch and “fire” behind, and is fighting a light dragon in the dark(if Kess and friends are not right behind her.) So, Briella could redo a trick from earlier that worked on Kess. Just a thought. But I support what ever fate you decide of the characters. Personally, I just want to see somebody get drop-kicked in the face though.

Why would they think she’s GREAT when her single goal in life is destroying mora and is willing to damage the company in order to do it? Costco’s single goal in existence isn’t to destroy walmart and target, it’s to sell crap for money, if they devoted their resources to attacking walmart and target, they wouldn’t exactly be doing a good job of selling crap, now would they?

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