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Comic 277

Comic 277 published on 113 Comments on Comic 277


Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.


Last week’s comic threw a lot of people for a loop, or, more appropriately, a wicked, overhead suplex.  Shie once again proved just how dominant one of the “big cats” can be, but the question that everyone was asking was whether Briella had survived the hard landing.

Hopefully, this week’s comic can allay those fears.  Briella’s still alive, or as Shie put it, “breathing and beating.”  So for Briella’s legions of “Brielievers,” you can rest at least a little bit easier, knowing that she’s down but not out.  Thanks, everyone, for expressing your concerns about her, and thanks to all of you for having faith in me, and allowing the story to unfold the way I’ve planned it.  As for what happens next?  Well, that’s going to have to wait another seven days.  Stay tuned…  ~__^

Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can pull up “Miss Murder” by AFI.

Some of you might remember reading last week that I’ve undergone some major equipment upgrades, namely that I’m now the proud owner of a Wacom Cintiq 21UX.  Last week’s page featured colors done using that sweet new piece of hardware.  This week, I decided to take another step toward making the comic fully digital.  This week’s page is a bit of a hybrid, in that “core” inks–i.e., characters, props, word balloons, and gutters–were done by hand, just like most every page before it.  All background elements, along with the Tiger stripes, and the Dragons’ scales and tattoos, were done digitally.  The goal was to replicate what I’d otherwise do by hand, but to jazz it up a touch.  I’m rather pleased by how seamlessly the two sides integrated with each other.  The overall goal is to bring the comic to fully-digital production by the time the next chapter begins.

That also means that we’re just a few pages away from the end of Chapter Four.  Will the Tigers make luggage out of Briella?  Or will Briella make it out of the Calera and give her boss, Lady Red, a piece of her mind?  The answers are looming ever closer, but we can only get there one page at a time.  Tune in next week, my fellow Draconiacs!

Until then, take care, my friends, and thanks for reading!  ^__^



Come on, tear her apart! I want to see her face in a mess of tears, desperation and fear before they rip her to shreds! >:D

Briella might have a differing opinion on that matter. ^__^;;;’;

Is it wrong I want Kess’s tongue cut out? Is it too much for them to have do at least that to her in all that time they were supposedly torturing her? I don’t think that many tigers would be that upset if she could never talk again.

The dragons left her tongue intact because they wanted her to escape. Now their will be no end to her obsessive rambling. Before long the tigers will be so irritated with her that somebody will take matters into their own hands. That single action will cause a fissure in the tiger’s ranks. Many will be relieved with the news of her demise. Her killer will be hailed a hero. Though many (mostly those who never met her) will believe that the act was more than a tad bit excessive and demand punishment. With their ranks divided, they will be much easier to pick off.

You know what the real problem is for the dragons… No solidarity, this I put squarely on Oscura. She’s so concerned about dividing the dragons by class and keeping everyone under her foot with her strangle hold on who has kids she’s turning her nose up on real game changing possibility’s.


hmmm… reading carefully I think Shie wants to light up Briella (if you know what I mean ñ_ñ), or, just some answers

“You want yours rare or well done?”

Anyway, Looks like Kess is starting to lose her grip on the group.

You know? If she were to approach me (I had this thought for a while now, in some form or another), and I had a handgun, I’d probably pull it out and the following scene would be…

Me: Don’t move! This thing’s loaded! What are you doing here?

Kess: What am I doing here!? Whatever you are, what are YOU doing here!?

Me: Just trying to stay out of the war! If you think to force me into anything, all I have to do is pull the trigger and there’d be one less bigot walking around attempting genocide on each other!

Kess: Girl, if you knew more about the war…

Me: First off, I’m male! Second, I know more than you think, which is more than I would let on! Now, turn around and leave, before I change my mind and shoot anyway!

this would be my encounter with the tigers
me: drop the dragon NOW

kess: who the !@#$ are you

me:a little less about me and a little more about you shutting up and dropping the dragon(pulls out sword) that way noone gets hurt

kess:look behind you dumb@!#

me:(turns around and see all the other tigers) oh Shiii

You do it wrong XD

Get the following:
-Starcraft 2 ( or Warhammer ) Armoured suit, the top quality one
-Gauss Rifle
-Smash a nice decent rock with your hand, and shot another to peices
-Then say what you say, well if they still there

Woo, Shie’s fast becoming one of my favorite chars. Think I mentioned this a few pages back, but the few words that she says speaks VOLUMES.

Enough to make Kess quiet up when she gets on her rants 😀

As for Briella, hmm…whe’s not dead, but the question is, what will they be doing with her?

Or a humane death. I doubt the group will let her go that easily. They are at war, after all.

oops. this was meant to be a reply towards Ice4master on the “not having limbs” off bit.

Even if Bri’s not the Dragon who messed up Riah’s eye, the Tigers are now in a trickier situation. While the more level-headed (not hate-crazed…) ladies might not kill Bri out-of-hand (-claw?), they can’t just let her go and report back. By the same token, taking a prisoner in their current situation is not advisable–they’re in Dragon territory, possibly lost, and have one badly wounded sister (plus 1 chipped tooth) to care for. The most expedient option would be to kill Briella–not out of malice, but because it would be tactically sound. The more “humane” option would be to break a wing (or two) so Bri’s mobility is severely hampered, leave her, and get the deuce out of Dodge.
If, by chance, Briella IS the Dragon responsible for Rhia’s eye–Hammurabi’s Code would certainly apply here. And make for a nasty long-term grudge.

Either way, it is unlikely that Briella’s going to get out of this unscathed.

A hostage would actually still be a sound decision in case they run into any other dragons. At least until they can find an exit. While that didn’t exactly work with Gaia’s example, the other dragons didn’t exactly care for her all that much.

They already have one injured party member that they need to worry about, so it’s not as if dragging around an additional body will be much of a hindrance. Once they get out of there and to the safety of some cover her usefulness would drop down a bit. Trying to be stealthy with a hostage can be tricky, but you’d still have a hostage should you need one later on.

I hope that Bri finds some way to get back at Lady Red for sending her down there in the first place. Even if that means risking certain death at the hands of her captors just to get a bit of vengeance.

Hm…I’m somewhat impressed. I would’ve thought that blow to the head would’ve killed her. But that does beg the question as to why she’s still alive. I mean after all, Kess seems to be over zealous about killing any dragon. Unless…I wonder if it’s possible that the tigers learned their language, kind of like the green one back in the calender series. But man oh man, Shie seems to be a little “ticked” off at Kess. Wonder what her beef is.

Just a heads up to anyone who read the little quotations up there that i placed from my book (that i’m still writing), five names to look out for if you see any really dark ones: Bekilip, Gavir, Hexlith, Sventar, Sjach. Happy hunting!

And we keep getting reminded that both sides 99% perfectly decent people with pet peeves, loved ones, personal fears, and goals they’ve set for themselves besides ‘kill the enemy.’ And that they’ve had this blood feud going on for so long it serves no other purpose than ‘exterminate the other species.’ All wars start with the public being indoctrinated that ‘the other side isn’t composed of people’ (until the war ends and suddenly they have to be people again and fast!), but it’s no longer even a product of any propaganda or speeches, it’s simply hardwired into their culture! The other side is composed of monsters who will eat your babies and don’t feel any love for each other at all and ARE just identity-less monsters.

And unless something changes, something BIG, this cycle shows no signs of stopping, at all.

The one tiger who DARED show compassion to a completely innocent and helpless non-combatant who hadn’t even hatched yet is now a pariah. And when the queen found her daughter had experiences that showed Tigers weren’t inherently evil . . . sigh, they got swept under the rug so she can be groomed into the great exterminator her mother ambitions her to be.

And we still don’t know if the fox (or foxes) is trying to end the war, or simply escalate the it so the two sides finally free up all the elbow room they’ve been taking up.

Well well this is quite the outcome, I would say that she’s up a creek without a paddle. Not that its too late for her, but just yet the odds are against her that much is a fact. To see her escape this in one piece, indeed that will be something to see.

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