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Comic 278

Comic 278 published on 161 Comments on Comic 278


Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Well, Briella‘s awake again.  “Brielievers” everywhere can rejoice!  But the question now becomes, “But for how much longer?”

Those of you looking for a soundtrack can pull up “All These Things That I’ve Done” by The Killers.

Many of you might already be aware that I’m the proud owner of a gently-used Cintiq 21UX, which allows me to draw digitally the way I’ve always wanted to, and to make comic production more efficient.  Two pages ago, the coloring alone was all digital.  Last week’s page was colored on the Cintiq, along with all the backgrounds being digitally added.  This week’s page was penciled on paper, but then all the inks were done digitally.  Would you have noticed if I hadn’t told you?  Maybe, but most likely you wouldn’t.  What I’m trying to do is digitally recreate the techniques I use on paper.  The resulting artwork will look cleaner, but otherwise, I’m trying to make the visual changeover as seamless as I possibly can.  I don’t want any major changes midchapter.

Will next week’s page be entirely digital?  We’ll see.  But whether it’s digital or “analog,” the next page is one you certainly don’t want to miss.  Will Riah‘s response seal the Light Dragon’s fate?  Will all seven of the Tigers running around the Khalira grab a limb and make a wish?  Or does our harried heroine have one more rabbit in her hat?  Stay tuned…

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



Hehe, headlock. As an older brother I know how much control that position gives, as also a younger brother I know how a lot of squirming might eventually free you.

I’m only a younger brother, and I’ve been in my share of headlocks. My brother’s nine years older than me, though, so he always had a size and weight advantage, much like what Shie has over Briella right now. That, and she’s got a handful of Tigers at the ready, should she squirm the wrong way.

“Well, I can’t rule out EVERYTHING, now can I? ^__^”

well yes but if it was male and not feral…heh heh heh 👿

Not even that. ~__^

I dunno. Am I? 9_9

I see the fun is starting to beginn with her lets see and wait what will happen to her and again in her mind she is way zo amazing *g*

Nice work happy to see that

Hey Razor. I’m on the tigers side. [So my hatred towards dragons is exceptional. Except Briella, who in fact shares my hatred for Queen Oscura] And no your not violent. [You never were violent. It’s just in this case am I showcasing how violent I can be at times for the first time to you. So don’t hold it against me. I just wish I was in this comic SO bad at times! I’d fit RIGHT in with the tigers!]

The difference I see is that the lines seem to be more geometrically ‘smooth’ and continuious… More like a spline, perhaps? But as you said, one might not have noticed without your note. So it might as well be the subtle change of style that tends to occur over time with any extended project; however I must say I preferred the previous line/ink style, subtle as the change might be. That said, please don’t take this as criticism! I wouldn’t be reading or commenting if I didn’t appreciate your work! Cheers!

No problem at all, Ben. I, too, miss that gritty look that the old line work had, though it was actually a side effect of the paper that was being used, which was pretty coarse and the lines would often fade after going over it with my eraser; the photocopying and scanning, which resulted in artifacts, and the more subtle lines getting lost; and the processing in Photoshop, where, to fully separate the black lines from the white spaces, I had to jack the contrast to its maximum level, resulting in some really jagged edges on the line work. Therefore, overall, I see this as an improvement. Looking at this versus the previous page, it’s like when you got your first HDTV and saw just how much clarity you were missing on your dear old TV. Not that I’m completely abandoning ink and paper, mind you, but I can easily see digital as becoming my preferred medium moving forward.

Thanks for reading, and for the appreciation! ^__^

I am in a hat now.

Briella will let you know if she needs you. ^__^

I do hope that they let her go… Have some honor. She properly didn’t kill a tiger in her entire life. Not saying she won’t, she properly will if given the chance to. But c’mon, her day is bad enough…

And also, I just notice that her eyes have different colors. That makes her more cooler, maybe even 20% cooler. ;P

Yay! Someone noticed her different-colored eyes! The official term for it, I’ve learned, is heterochromia iridum. Her eyes have been those colors ever since we first saw her. I love it when people don’t notice until later and then get to see that it’s been that way all along. ^__^

Wow I didn’t notice her eyes were different colours. Well I hope she wasn’t the one that cut out the eye. Briella just doesn’t seem like the type to have the stomach for that kind of thing. At least that’s what I’ve gathered. I may be wrong.

Oh hell, I’ve been waiting for the day I could post comments from my 3DS again. But this is too good man! BTW Razor, I sure feel sorry for Briella. Now tell Shie to let her go. Cuz I got my 1941-1945 WWII Military trench coat on, and the whole American WWII Military outfit on. [be it though I’m not THAT old. I still like the outfit] NOW LEMME PUMMEL BRIELLA OLD-FASHIONED AMERICAN BEAT DOWN STYLE! [then hit her with the butt of my thompson]

Well it looks like my comment disappeared. I didn’t notice the difference in eye colour before. Lets hope Briella wasn’t the one who cut out the eye. She just doesn’t seem like she has the stomach for torture. Unless RazorFox is setting up one of those looks can be deciving messages.

oh and didn’t noticed the change in the drawing!!

{{injects sideways thumb into webcomic, just to hear the cheers and chants}}

{{Thumb comes back bloody}} That’s Tigers for ya. ^__^

Poor Briella, and all this time I thought that seeing stares after you got hit hard was just a toon gauge.

Oh boy xD she is surely in trouble now! Hopefully she isn’t the one Riah is looking for. And for really going to the extremes is that Brillea joining with them. Though that there seems more like an AU thing more than anything else.

I’d have to say that Briella changing allegiances would definitely be AU. As for the possibility of Briella not being the Dragon they’re looking for, maybe a good old-fashioned Jedi mind trick could help. ^__^

You’ve never been hit so hard, you saw stars?

I have, on several occasions. What I’ve always learned, in the few fights I’ve been in, mostly on the schoolyard, is that no matter how hard you hit, the other guy will always hit you back a lot harder. Never been knocked out before, but I have had instances where I sure as hell didn’t want to get back up.

Heh. The answer is probably “no”.

Briella was probably NOT the one to torture Riah. So there’s some good news.

The bad news is, Briella’s screwed anyway. But at least she’ll probably live!

Well B’s life is only at a monosyllable away, it only depends on Riah’s decision. As I see it Riah never met Briella, that’s why she has that expression

Is this the end for Briella?

Caught in the sharp little pointy claws of a musclebound tiger.

Has she been a naughty little girl?

Will she be given a fierce vengeance spanking by the tigers?

Will she instead be given to the twins for a somewhat more playful spanking?

Briella’s fate rests upon a single word?

What cruel fate lies in wait?

Find out next week.

Same Draconia time. Same Draconia channel.

And I’m still waiting for the Cast list. [Starting to wonder if you’ll ever get around to it]

;.; poor briella…. i feel really bad for her, i hope she makes it out of this with most of her limbs intact… D:>

Do i detect a remote chance of possible MERCY from the tigers to a dragon? Razor, i applaud the cliffhanger!

Thanks! I hate to do that to everyone, but it gets people buzzing about next week’s page. Can’t divulge everything at the same time, right? Thanks for the kind words! ^__^

So many cliffhangers do get rather old though.

I admit that the cliffhanger is a frequently-used device in this comic. Sometimes they’re big, sometimes they’re small, but I always try to leave some issue unresolved, and it’s quite simply to get people to come back the following week to find out what happens next. Like it or not, it seems to be working. ^__^;;

I never noticed that Briella’s eyes are two different colors until now.

It aint just me is it… everyone has said that Riah is defenetly going to say no cous she has this ,,waht the fuck is this,, face or ,,are you ok??,,
well if you people havent notice, we dont get to see Riah’s eye-brows shape when Briella is opening her eyes, and like i sayed in the beginning, it aint just me is it, her eye-brows form the angry angle when we see her on the side… like >:(

Good eyes, AJ. ^__^

Sadly Razor, AJ is mistaken.., I just looked myself @ the side view of Riah & didn’t see her eyebrows in an angry gesture. But more of a calm one, unlike the other tigers looks like Riah is more willing to talk things over first…

Actually, as the one who drew it, I know her eyebrows are furrowed. It was intentionally done in a very subtle manner, and the cloth over her face creates the illusion of a different reaction. It’s meant to convey both, and intended to be ambiguous, but her real eyebrows are furrowed.

People scrunch there eye brows together like that when there concentrating too. I still say that she admits Briella isn’t the one.

poor briella 🙁

She needs hugs! *hugs*

Well, Bri’s in a “ahem” bind. But seriously, even if Riah gives her the “all clear, she’s not the one (even though most dragons look and smell alike to me…)”, chances are Kess won’t be willing to let her go. Even lightly “distressed”.

Of course, Kess keeps pushing Shie’s buttons, Shie might just be all, “OKAY! You want to beat the dragon? The beat the dragon!” and then proceeds to use Kess like the blunt instrument that she is to beat Briella.

I think Crabby is right about Briella’s eye. In the second (or third) panel, where Briella and Riah are starring eachother in the face, you can see that Briella’s left eye and Riah’s right eye are the same color.

Thank you so much for the kind words and your readership! I’m hugely appreciative of it. As for the eye colors, I know it’s kinda hard to see, but if you look really closely, you’ll see that Briella’s eyes are red and blue, whereas Shie and Riah each have green eyes. All the shadows kinda throw that off a bit, but I assure you that Briella already had two perfectly good eyes of her own and would have no need to “borrow” one from Riah. ^__^;;

Hard to say really. They do look like they’re full or rage in the view when Briella is opening her eyes. It’s just the angle that they come down in.

In the following panel her mouth that doesn’t really look all that angry from the view that we have. Her eyes are wide open but her brows come down.

It could be the sudden onset of rage just kicking in, or it could be that she’s just giving her a good look over like you suggest.

In short…he doesn’t really want us to know what she’s thinking just yet.

“In short…he doesn’t really want us to know what she’s thinking just yet.”

Crabby’s got the idea! ^o^

For some reason I see Riah saying, “No, but lets take out our anger on her anyways.” O_o

Can’t wait to see what’s around the corner next week Razor, and I’m still hoping for the best for Briella. Even though I think the best outcome she can hope for is being taken as a prisoner. >_>;

Please show mercy to her…. please PLEASE show mercy… Please show that my faith in the tigers was not misplaced! I’d be so scared in her position, I’d be like a deer frozen in headlights, only much quieter and attempting to use cuteness to buy my way out, if that fails then I’d just be a passive hostage tilll I see a good chance to escape.

I have to say, I chuckled a bit at the “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad dream” part. Having read the book that phrase originates from as a kid, that made my day to see it used in one of my favorite webcomics.
On a more comic related note, I have to admit, I’m unsure how I want this scene to play out…Unlike most of the fans (or at least, how it looks to me so far), I don’t really have a favorite “side”, rooting for both tigers and dragons equally…so in this case, while I do have a soft spot for Briella, I can’t help but sympathize with the tigers too…and definitely couldn’t blame them if they did hurt her.
I rarely have been so torn as to the desired outcome of a situation…just goes to show how good you are at what you do ^_^

Your comment totally made my week! Thank you so much for the kind words. I’m sorry if you feel torn, but if you do, then I’ve succeeded in setting up the dominoes in just the right way. My overall goal is to have people not choose a side to root for unilaterally (i.e., just Dragons or just Tigers), but to find that there are heroes and villains on each side, and even then, every character still has the capacity for both heroic acts and heinous acts under the proper circumstances. I admit, I still have a lot to learn on all this, but if your comments are indeed an indication of how I’m doing, then I take that to mean that I’m doing well with what I’ve learned thus far. Thanks for the vote of confidence! I hope the payoff to this storyline will be worth it! ^__^

i had the WORST dream about Briella some nights ago…they dumpped her in LAVA! LAVA I TELL U! Then she got back at the tigers by making a HUGE CAVE-IN, killing them all…this is like game of thrones…U DONT WANT ANYONE TO DIE!

Let her live RazorFox, she can be a good starter to bridge that language gap. And i know it won’t be a wellness vacation as captive for the dragons, but so far i saw dragons keep tigers as prisoners ( obv not this propose ) it’s time the catch up as well at this part.

This, and the various funny seen’s and monologues of Briella 😉

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