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Comic 279

Comic 279 published on 139 Comments on Comic 279


Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Riah says no, and Briella‘s worldwide flock of “Brielievers” can breathe a sigh of relief, at least for the moment.  But while Briella appears to have survived Shie‘s attack, can Shie and Kess survive each other?  Sounds like someone may have hit a nerve.  We shall see.

Gauging from the outpouring of comments, it sounds like Briella’s fans have been on pins and needles the past couple weeks.  After getting lucky avoiding detectiondodging and evading Kess, and giving RulaKenzi, and Naisha the slip, a lot of folks thought her luck had finally run dry when Shie got a hold of her.  She’s not in the clear, yet, though, and until she is, she’s got a pack of unruly Tigers on her tail in an enclosed space.  Her terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day isn’t over yet, folks.

Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can pull up “Sad But True” by Metallica, preferably from their “S&M” album.

This page is rather historic, as it’s the first page that has been done entirely digitally.  Aside from the script, no part of this page has seen paper.  It allowed me to work in an effect or two that working on paper would have made difficult.  Overall, it took less time than working on paper, and I hope to keep picking up momentum as I continue to get the hang of it and my processes get increasingly streamlined.   I am now a 21st-Century Digital Boy!

Time to get to work on page 280.  Just what all is going down between Kess and Shie?  Will Briella get caught in the middle of it, or will she find a way to sneak out the back way?  All that and more in 7 short days.  You can handle that, right?  ^__^

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!




DSI? What’s a DSI? o_O

They probably mean the Nintendo DSi. They’re most likely commenting on this site using the web browser that’s installed.

LOL ROFL more like i think woud happend oh good somting like that i realy didn’t expect drope Bri as some sandback and with the reson ok your free rofl


but Nothing less was going to happend good work and happy to see it lets pray she will not be raped by Kess now 😀

Oh! Thanks. And way to go, AACMIV! You make it sound like this is the very first site you visited with your DSi. ^__^

“Oh! Thanks. And way to go, AACMIV! You make it sound like this is the very first site you visited with your DSi. ^__^”

Nah, been doing this for a while…

and im glad that my dream of this did not come true…

And here I always thought that the thumbs down was a bad sign. But as I suspected Briella was not the one that Shie is looking for. Interesting that she’s decided to only kill the one that blinded Riah though we have no idea who it is. One would think that that would make her want to take out all dragons. Still all’s good and Briella got past her most difficult challenge.

I am on a dial-up connection and running NoScript and usually do have to wait a length of time for the pages to load. Occasionally I have to reload to get the entire image. Today when I hit reload all I get is the comments. No Image at all even when I remove the NoScript protections. Frustration is mine! !

I have been following your comic for a good while and really would hate to drop it from my regular reading list because of a “too slow to load” glitch BUT my patience is only so long.

Ideas on getting the images to load?
Honestly I don’t much care about the comments section. All I really want is the images.

Thanks and Kudos on your art style and technique.


I live out in the countryside and DSL is Not Available. I don’t “do” TV so cable is also out.[even IF I could afford to have the poles and wires installed I don’t Want TV in my life at all.]

Thanks for your patience.

the involuntary Luddite

Snap, Shie gets props from me!

Kess is in one HELL of a fit of rage right now, and Shie’s been as close to a voice of reason as ever atm (and a force to be reckoned with as well.). If what I think is happening is happening, Shie may have to put her hands (paws?) down O_O

Thanks for your support, good sir, but I’m afraid the reality of the situation is that more and more sites, including ours, are designed with the expectation of some sort of high-speed internet in mind. Otherwise, if you’re okay to wait, you might be able to ratchet up the timeout lengths on your browser. I think a common default is about 60 to 90 seconds. Maybe you could consider doubling those times and giving your browser more time before it gives up. Sorry about the connection speed problems. v_v

Have you looked at Satellite broadband at all? I know it seems to be one of the more popular options in some rural areas. Not sure how the prices are, and a fair number of them use a dial-up connection for the upload (which is a lot lower bandwidth usage than the download in almost all cases). Biggest technical problem I know of with it is that it can have just absurd latency times, though unless you’re doing some kind of online multiplayer gaming or something similarly ‘twitchy’ it shouldn’t really matter that much.

I think I have an idea which dragon Riah and Shie are out to get, but I’m gonna hold off and see what happens.

It does not look good for Briella.

Well there is one other dragon that we know of that matches the description the twins used to describe Briella.

The candy is fer you BTW. Fer being a damn good storyteller. And the cub is fer my favorite tiger girls.

It’s sad these countries can’t work out their problems like their equine neighbors to the south. I guess containment is in effect. However it seems like there is progress being made. The sheep are finally turning into tigresses.

In all sense I am inclined to agree with WizzardRabbit. He makes a fine Broad point. As to define the views, as well as the relations between warring species. Typically reminds those who catch my worded explanation. Of the Jewish and Palestinian religions warring for the holy land in the middle east.

d’oh, i ment to put this as a comment, not a reply…oh well

““Who’da thunk Briella’s life would be willingly saved by a Tiger? ^__^”

my dream was that she would be dipped in lava, then she uses her last breath to make a cave in, taking the tigers with her”

Well that’s depressing. That’s just as depressing as volumes (chapters?) one and two of Draconia Chronicles!

I’d much rather see Briella capitalize on the upcoming cat-fight and escape.

Even if Briella escapes, it’s highly unlikely that her backup will get to the Khalira/Calera in time and the tigresses will escape.

Heck, I can even see a possibility that Kilani, of all people, could end up helping Briella recover from her wounds.

YAAAAAAAAAAY briella is still alive!… o w8 there is still kess…. NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:> i hope she doesn’t kill her… too badly….

LOL! “Kill her too badly.” Well, they might start out by killing her a little bit, and if that goes well, then they’ll kill her some more. Gotta work up to the raging climax, when they kill her a lot. ^o^

Kess is just sore that she’s been poned, first by a dragon now by a fellow tiger. Though it’s also interesting to think that Riah having taken so much damage by them is only interested in taking revenge on only one dragon.

Interesting, but what equine neighbors are you talking about? Because Equestria doesn’t exist in the Draconiaverse. o_O

The equine neighbors to the south from MegaClopolis (they are highly advanced and keep to themselves) are the eastern friends to the crab people from Gastro Crustacea (a coastal peoples split from Turbo Crustacea after the terrible civil war they don’t like to talk about. They are very reclusive and fish to themselves nowadays) and the northern friends to the residents of Guinland (they are currently closed off in a snowglobe to keep the heat out and they tend to keep to themselves because of this). Containment….
jk, but seriously I like the progress of the current storyline and I think your art is amazing. ^.^

If anyone should lead this band of fur balls Shie just showed why it should be her. She has a actual plan and a true goal instead of just fumbling around blindly like Kess.

She’s also bigger than the others. She could be their Almight Tallest! ^o^

Well it seems those tigers are not going to get along anytime soon haha! Seeing that one wants to murder all the dragons, while one wants her kills to have some meaning. LOL I’m actually hoping they duke it out haha!

Indeed, Shie have all the true marks of a leader, especially the part that she dosen’t act out of instinct alone, but use her brain to see the situation.

Also very glad Briella still alive, and hope the other Tigers will think alike and choise to spare her life, be left behind beaten up as she is already by Shie powerfull wresle move or take her as an hostage, i’m more keen for the hostage as a good plot path to take as well grants a good opportunity to narrow the language gap between the two sides, and grant the opportunity for discussion then just mere fighting. Be fight as cool as they are, if only that remains, the cast list will grow very very long with appearing and disappearing characters.

Plus point would be, Briella could become even more bad as among the Tigers then she is now on the long run 😉

All good points. Dunno about the hostage situation. Not sure what the Tigers would bargain for, since they might not be aware of her connection to the Palace.

There be benifits from it, mainly intel, if they realise this, and can smooth the language barriel. This ofcourse be a long term “investment” for the Tigers, but the reward could be high. While it does bring the opportunity to get the two sides to start a conversation with one another, which needed for peace.

Unless plan to go with option B and erase one of the two race in the end game, but that be risky as none like there favorite get hammered, not to speak erased XD

There are only two things that can resolve Kess’s intense rage.

1) She needs to go on a dragon killing spree or
2) She needs to get laid big time.

*Joke Comment*

But in all due seriousness, excellent work on the first fully colored digitally inked page.


Now I get the feeling Johan is gonna keep dying and getting revived

well he insists on wearing red shirts so yea it’s probably gonna be his “running joke”.

He’s Dead Jim…..

Not QUITE the reference I would have gone for here- close, but not quite. I would have gone with:
“You better stay away from him… he’ll rip your lungs out, Jim!” “I’d like to meet his tailor!”

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