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Comic 280

Comic 280 published on 120 Comments on Comic 280


Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

A lot of you were wondering just what exactly happened after a loud yell was heard at the end of last week’s page.  Seems that Kess might’ve drawn a bit of blood from Shie.  Will Kess be able to walk the walk on Briella after talking the talk?  Stay tuned.

Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can pull up “I Will Lead You” by Filter.

I’d like to take this moment to formally announce that, after a 7-year absence, I’ll be granting the wish of many of my fans by making my return to Otakon in Baltimore, Maryland.  On a complete lark, I decided to toss my name into their hat for a lottery to decide who gets one of a few coveted tables in their massive Artist Alley, and lo and behold, my name got drawn.  I plan to submit my formal credentials this week, and many of you who have expressed disappointment at my lack of attendance at the biggest anime convention in the eastern United States can rejoice–at least for this year.  I look forward to seeing many of you there.

And with that, it’s time to work on page 281.  Where the heck did Briella run off to?  Will Kess and the twins get a piece of the one who’s “too amazing?”  Whatever happened to Kenzi and Ennek?  Stay tuned…  ~__^

Until then, my fellow Draconiacs, take care, and thanks for reading!



You’re gonna be at Otakon? Cool!!! I’ll make sure to come and see you.

As for the comic, I can understand Kess’ reasoning. But as Shie pointed out, it’s been over ten years since the death of her mother. Kess needs to move on. She is becoming her own worst enemy.

ROFLMAO that was so good Kess get fierd up and Bri to her chance and leave in silence and peace and Kess Try to torture shie and all for nothing.

God that is to good to be truhe but it is real Mis way to awsome is back in action but how will this now realy end Stay Toone till next monday 😛

I can’t wait and see it good work again


Poor Kess! She’s all hard up for some dragon killing, and her own Rousing Speech helps the dragon escape!

Also: This is the second time I’ve said this today: Thank you Razorfox! It’s not often a random idea/suggestion/musing of mine gets filed away in an artist’s Box of Ideas. It’s rarer still when someone actually uses one of my ideas/inspirations to such good effect!

LOL! Thanks for the praise, but I’m gonna have to burst your bubble here: I had this whole thing planned way before you mentioned the possible outcome. But I love that you were able to read a little bit of my mind there. Truth be told, I love it when readers correctly guess future story events, and it takes a lot for me to bite my tongue and not say anything to confirm it. Great job “reading” me! ^o^

Now that makes me grin even more!

I’ve actually gotten better than I might think at reading certain plot points that are upcoming in comics. There are times that I’ve actually avoided posting my expectation, just in case I did get them right!

You know, the more I see with Kess, the more I really think her and Sombrana would make BEAUTIFUL rivals to each other. Imagine if, by some happen-stance, Kess and Sombrana became leaders of their people? That would spark something BIG. XD

Epic page as always, Danny! I tip my hat to you, good sir!

Shie is becoming my number one fav Tiger, she showes so much of a guidence and wisdome now, she spared a dragon, regrets her murder on defensless dragon, and shows now noble for not going berserk agenst Kess for wounding her eye back there while holding her sister up. SHIE IS THE BEST!!

Hitting someone from behind and while there carrying there injured sister? Oh I’m shore you’re mother is so proud of you Kess seeing how much of a cheep, cowardly, dishonorable retch of a bully you’ve become. And as mutch as Ive come to respect Shie, Killing a defenseless egg carrying dragon doesn’t mean a dame thing except that you’re just as bad.

Everything feels so wishy-washy now. It’s as if moral grounds have come to a standstill in this comic. It’s like you’re playing musical chairs with the protagonist position. That’s what I enjoy most about this comic now. It seamlessly threads the story together in new and interesting ways. It would suck if Briella got kidnapped and “explored” but it would also suck if the tigers re-enacted the episode “Crackers Don’t Matter” from the television show FarScape. I guess you just gotta pick your battles when dealing with sentient beings in general. Looking forward to the next page man! 😀

I didn’t watch much “FarScape,” but I did have a strange attraction to the blue bald woman. I’m so glad you’re digging what you’re seeing here. As for playing musical chairs with the protagonist, one of my goals all along has been to show that there are no true heroes or villains in this series, but rather a bunch of people with a capacity to do both good and evil. That means that the readers might need to realign their allegiances periodically. Sorry for that, but, again, I’m extremely happy to hear your appreciation for my efforts. I hope to keep it rolling for a good while to come. ^__^

Judging from Queen Oscura’s attitude and actions in previous pages. I think the Dragons are closer to being the antagonists of this story compared to the Tigers.

Briella’s gonna have an even harder time getting away for long:

1) She still stinks…
2) She’s bleeding.
3) After the rough handling, probably mildly concussed.

She does have a bit of a head start on them though. They were right on her tail the last time around. But now she doesn’t need to worry about Shie breaking ahead of the rest of the group. They might even hesitate to give chase right away unless she’s still within sight. There’s still the matter of what to do with Shie and Riah and whether or not they want to wait up for the others before committing to a search or just finding an exit. But if I know Kess, she wants blood and will try to rush forward, or vent her rage on Shie a bit more.

Though I agree that the damage that Briella sustained will slow her down a bit. She still seems to have a short term advantage for the moment though. How long that will last is anybodies guess.

I don’t sympathize with Kess. It isn’t about vengeance for her- she’s made the whole thing a game. The death of her mother isn’t being honored if she treats their war as a sport.

Which is why I’m starting to get interested- seeing different characters have opposing views, each faction fracturing slightly because even they don’t see eye to eye.

Then it’d be good riddence, cause I’ve gotten to the point where I’d love to have a handgun on hand and shoot Kess on sight for these reasons:

1. Genocidal bigotry
2. No respect for family
3. Heavily sadistic
4. Utter disregard for vulnerability

Nice one Kess show us all how much of a bitch you are by sucker punching Shie. Real big girl you are. Hope You get skinned alive you cheap ass bigot!

She’d make a very sexy rug. ^__^

Kess just fails at life and I can’t help but laugh at her for it.

Careful. She might hear your laughing and do something irratio–oh, wait. ^__^

What was that?

Shie shows Briella mercy. Kess isn’t happy about that.

Do I sense a growing division among the tiger’s ranks?

What will this mean when reinforcements arrive for Briella?

Are the twins more interested in a bloodletting than a playful spanking of a helpless victim?

Will the damage Briella sustained from the horned suplex impede her retreat?

Find out next week on another stellar episode of the Draconia Chronicles.

Oh, nothing. *tries to whistle* 9.9

And there she flee, somewhere, hope this time she hides better then just earlier XD

But i still like to see more interaction between Briella and the “friendly” Tigers

I would say that Briella’s alone here. She has no allies there, not even with Shie and Riah. Just because they spared her doesn’t mean they like her. Shie didn’t say she wanted Briella to keep living, but rather that she didn’t need to kill Briella. “Don’t let me stop you, Kess.” “Friendly” might be stretching it. ^__^

HI i havent read the entire story so i dont know if
you did this alredy.

I think it would be nice if you try to integrate the Elders (the big dragons that look like dragons) a bit more.
Something like a battle then an elder arrives and burns more then half of the tigers on the Battlefield or whone who does the Opposite !( Dragon kills other dragon)

Awww, come on. I want to see Briella dead.. 🙁

*Already has his M1897 Winchester loaded* Wait…. Where did ugly smelly Dragon slut run off too? I want to put her brains on the outside! Like first time I blow off two heads on zombies in a row with M14. [I totally sound like Nikolai right now. WOOT!] *Drinks a bottle of vodka* [Ok. NOW I’m more like Nikolai] BTW……. BLACK OPS REFERENCE!

Yes! bri’s out again, Hope she won’t get caught again keep on runnin bri! now she has even more complain to do to lady red! Fingers crossed hope she makes it.

Also i agree that kess was emotionally scared and held on to that pain and that pain turned into seething hatred for dragons so i think her and shie are going to have some problems down the road.
Also zhirite must steal the magical enery from dragons and be able to focus it into a weapon? at least that’s my guess

I believe Briella took a page out of Snagglepuss’ book:

“Exit, Stage right!”

Also, I understand Kess’s fury, but I also understand Shie’s wisdom. Shie’s been in the fight longer than Kess has, from what I can understand, so she has seen the horrors of a war and how it can, and will, change someone. Kess is in it for revenge, but a 12 year long revenge? You’re on that quest for that long, and you might lose yourself o.O.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think if this were different times, Shie would make a good hitman…hitgirl? Hit…Tiger? …


So Kess has been hanging on to that anger/rage for over a decade. Is it safe to say that revenge is her primary motivation instead of survival? To me, it’s looking like Kess could kill every Dragon in creation, and that still wouldn’t be enough to console her.

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