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Comic 281

Comic 281 published on 106 Comments on Comic 281


Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Looks like Kenzi‘s chipped tooth is good for something after all.  Not much more to say about this page, except that, after Briella‘s escape, the chase is back on!  Will Ennek and Kenzi’s offerings dash Briella’s hopes for getting out of the Calera alive?  Stay tuned…  ~__^

Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can pull up an old chase-scene favorite of mine, “Run” by Gnarls Barkley.

Last week, I formally announced my long-awaited return to Otakon after a 7-year absence.  I’ve paid for my Artist Alley table, made lodging and travel arrangements, booked the requisite days off work, so I’m good to go.  But I also want my return to Otakon to be a little bigger than just me showing up, sporting my trademark backwards black cap and my Playboy shirt.  I decided that I need to have some new offering.

The convention is in July, which is too early to start taking pre-orders for the 2013 Draconia Chronicles calendar.  So here’s the idea:  People have been asking for years about Draconia Chronicles trade paperbacks, with each one collecting a whole chapter of story material, plus bonus holiday pages from the era, and other extras.  The goal is to make its formal debut at Otakon, after which I would offer it for sale here on the site.  I’d like to gauge just what the interest level is in this, so please do me a favor and look over at the poll question and let me know whether this is something you’d go for.

And with that, it’s time to work on page 282.  Hope you all are enjoying the story thus far!  Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



The only thing worse for Briella than a group full of armed tigers is one that can unleash a crippling sonic attack. Fortunately for Briella, Kenzi’s new attack seems to have deleterious effects on tigers as well.

Arming the tigers seems to have slowed them down for the time being, but will she be able to outrun her own injuries as well?

Will she be able to find the exit before she gets hacked into tiny morsels and turned into tasty tiger treats?

All that and more, next week on “The Draconia Chronicles!” Be there!

Oh for the love of god hasn’t the poor girl been threw enough? These stupid cat’s don’t know when t leave well enough alone!
On the up side it looks like they have sensitive ears. A nice new weakness to exploit, if only the dragons can make a tiger whistle then this war is as good as won.

Same cattime, same catchannel?

Hey Razor? Can I help ennek with her “problem”? [And sweet. a censored naked tiger] As well as figure out the outcome of Briella’s inevitable doom of me pummeling her? [I wanna pummel her SO bad]

For some reason when I think about Briella, she reminds me of this song

Curses! My old enemy, the Strategically Placed Speech Bubbles, have returned to make the page relatively SFW! Eh, at least I get some nice side-on action from the Twins.

that again I’m outta here (sound of door sawn)

I agree enough is enough, we’ve already been put threw this enough times just let the poor dragon off the hook already and stop tormenting her and us.

But I’m not quite done yet. Gotta have a big finish. The scene needs a grand finale, or as they say in French, a “finale royale (with cheese).” Hang in there. ~__^

♫Kill the wabbit! Kill the wabbit! Kill the wa…♫ oh wait. Wrong species…
♫Kill the Dwagon! Kill the Dwagon! Kill the Dwagon!♫

Actually, there’s two reasons for that:

1. Katbox’s rules (and my own) where a main-page comic shouldn’t show naughty bits. Bonus comics deeper in the site, sure, but main-page “landing” pages shouldn’t contain nudity.

2. Teasing you guys is a ton of fun! Plus, there’s an uncensored version of the last panel right here [link], if you’re interested. ~__^

“Good, use your time wisely. yor ekess klae letoclo ias lyriki. Seek defense among the shadows. Your scale color would not matter if you knew where to hide.” – Gavir V2 (See the V2 there? It is because Gavir underwent a gender change from losing a piece of his soul. And thus is now the only female drakmir alive. And is ALSO the Anno Drakmir (Leader.) so you’ll be seeing more of Gavir’s quotes, even with the Draconic language spread in it.)

This reminds me of a scene from the Hunger Games movie… It’s making me kind of sick just thinking about it. X.X

On a (somewhat) unrelated note. I’ve been in caves. On a tour of Mammoth Cave, as part of the tour, the guide turned off ALL the lights in one cavern. Total black. Briella aside (with her Light Dragon IR/UV vision abilities), even the best cat’s vision needs SOME light to see (same with low-light or light magnification systems–no light, nothing to work with). But that’s OK, ’cause I figure there’s some ambient light from phosphorescent fungus or exotic ores in the cave (aka. Laputa) providing some ambient light.

rofl chasing an illution again and hiting the wall funy like hell and Kess and the twins got a headnut with a strick thats funny

nice to see that and hoping for more on next Monday 😛


And as for Kenzi…*facepalm* Though we now know she’s immune to her own whistle in these tight quarters 😀


Flip-flopper! ^o^

I just realized that there is a parody of Lord of The Flies in this. Nice one.

Good catch, my friend! ^__^

She still smells like crap. So it’s not as if she can just use that power to hide out of the blue. Best opportunity that I can think of for her using that ability again is if the tigers are able to see her and she comes to a fork in the road. Maybe she just goes invisible while she picks a direction or maybe she sends her decoy one direction while she goes another direction. Though her last decoy was really more of a still version of herself, so I’m not certain if she has the ability to make her decoy move. But going invisible at a junction would certainly help throw them off.

“Naisha’s right. you do need to get laid” what my friends say to me everyday i have no idea what it means tho =p

Your friends know someone named Naisha? o_O

yes unfortunately =c mind you we do sorta talk now and then..okay maybe not so much… OKAY fine we don’t talk at all >.>

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