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Comic 282

Comic 282 published on 168 Comments on Comic 282


Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

To borrow a line from Jake and Elwood, Briella‘s now on a mission from the Gods.  Will the Immortals allow her to get revenge against Lady Red?  Or will Tigers exert their own will over the amazing one?  Stay tuned…

Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can pull up “Life During Wartime” by Talking Heads.

I really don’t have much else to report this week.  As I write this, I’m in the midst of an awful cold.  I can’t tell if I’m getting better or not, so I should just get to bed and get some more rest.  Maybe I’ll have more to say next week.  Until then, Sudafed, take me awaaaay!

Take care, fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



Oh my! I REALLY like that last panel. This is why this comic is one of my top 5 weekly things.

She’s still alive, i really do hope she remains alive. I also hopping for more peacefull omemnts between the Briella.

Run Briella run! They have more than just axes,and I don’t want you to die.

That water must lead to the exit, she’s almost there!

And so are the Tigers!

Nothing to worry about, Briella is just one waterfall jump from being out of the woods.

wow great job razor, you really know how to keep the suspense up. bri will have to watch the tigresses trows when she makes a bee line for the sky though, (if she make’s it) also last panel took me a few seconds to realize there was an axe there.

on the off note.
i have always had trouble with the wings on my dragons, but looking at your style helped quite a bit, now they dont look as bad, so thanks again razor.

Glad you like the story thus far. And I have no idea why you couldn’t immediately see the axe. It’s right there, plain as day, between Briella’s–Ohhh, I see. ^__^

As for the wings, I’m glad I was able to help you out. I don’t claim to be an expert on wings, but I do what I can. Keep at it, and maybe I can learn something from YOU. ^o^ b

Yeah like that.

She still thinks she is way to awsome but seeing the axt may have bring her back to the first think she need to do get out of there bevor the others killing her scalled ass.

But the lock of Bril seeing the axt is loke omg they have waposn good have abond me again roflcopter to funny in some way’s 😀

But nice work at all hope you get soone better and to see nextweek amasing work 🙂

The Gods agree. She needs to get moving.

In the words of Ron Simmons (as pertaining to Briella’s ass)…..DAMN!

And on the behalf of the Tigers, in the words of the Simmons’ old tag team, the APA, “Don’t take this ass-whippin’ personally!”

I’d say that’s a good sign from thous above to… GET YOU’RE SCALY TAIL MOVING NOW!!! Remember God’s help those that help themselves, can’t keep relying on them forever now. So get you’re head back on and move Briella!

Mr RazorFox your comic is amazing! Briella is my number one favorite dragoness! I hope she makes it out safely! 🙂

Wow! Thanks so much for the kind words. Briella’s become a big favorite of mine, too, but I can’t guarantee her safety. We’ll see how all the players involved shake things out. It’s still a one-on-seven fight. Wish her luck! ^__^

Not a very convenient place for an axe to show up… although another 40 centimeters further up would be even more uncomfortable… Thanks, RF, for a tad more in dragon anatomy lessons… Interesting that the blade of the axe or a dialog box did not cover up anything… Hmmmm… Makes me wonder about the not-so-family-orientated version of this would have elaborated on the lesson… Still debating on the wet Tee-Shirt contest of the tigers? So far, I still like the odds of Aika winning…

Well, I’ve shown Dragon crotches before. Their scales cover the naughty bit, and a shadow handles the other. It’s a tight space back there, after all. Maybe I should put together another version of this with lighting from a different angle, perhaps? ~__^

Wow if only that axe had a camera on it. So thats a holy intervention interesting truthfully if that happened to me and I was on my back i’d be shitting bricks as a guy especially since it was that close *shudders*

Ahhh all the blood!!!!!

I meant the blood out of the readers noses. 😆

LOL! I cannot be held responsible for stained clothing and carpets. ^o^

you didn’t understand me right i think you have in mind that you woud like to show of brills ass as you creat the last pice of the page with the axt. to funny 😛

What can I say? I wanted to show a gratuitous axe shot with Briella. ^o^

*stares at the last panel*

Likin the view :3

But Briella MUST be bedding Lady Luck, cause’ I’m impressed that that axe didn’t find it’s way into her back!

Water runs downhill, Bri’. You could end up following that trickle to an underground lake. Then you’d have to deal with the creepy dude that lives in the lake. Y’know, the one with the Ring…Precioussss.

Oooh this is one heck of an update. LOVE IT. The last panel and her expression are priceless. As to what is said above bout censorship, amazing what you can get away with with furies and scales.

Wouldn’t mind seeing a more detailed version of the last panel on say FA.

Warning axe spray applied to dragons as amazing as briella may attract actual axes ^^

You, good sir/madame, have just made my morning.

The only thing I could think of when I saw that last panel was “That’s right crouching tiger don’t hide that dragon!”

some how if you see sutch a nice perfect ass how can’t say no to that 😛

well at least Razor takes time to respond to our meaningless crap with his/her own meaningless crap.

yeah i dun pay much attention to genders XD heck i did not know Razor was the one that made draconia before i checked the gravatar name and the name in the desc…..XD

“Child of light and shadow, your Lord Prensir has heard your plea of distress. Your miracles are of nothing to you now, only intervention from the father of shadows.” – Hexlith (This is Hexlith’s prophecies, you do not know WHO he is speaking to in the book. He’s referring to Prensir as his father, the god of shadows and darkness. I thought it would be interesting to place since Briella is thinking about the gods. And another thing, is it wrong to thing Briella’s angle is hot at that last panel?)

Nice! Some chemical combinations just have violent reactions. ^__^

Dat axe O_o……why is it always water that kicks you out of a daydream >_<, anyways, Briella I must axe you to run, run very very fast. Also, how would a light dragon hurt a fire dragon…..I can see blinding them, not so much using some sort of light ray that can cause pain (Briella hasn't shown us all of her tricks has she?)….On a better note, live Briella! I want to see this revenge on Lady Red! Must know how possible light pain ow fire burn stuff T_T.

Seems Briella is even more popular now, and all she had to do was show a little tail.

i dont know about everyone else but the tail seems off its shorter and thiner nonetheless excellent comic and odds are i may be the only one here who hasnt fapped to it so would that mean im more refined then these primitive monkeys?

Well, I was trying to do a bit of foreshortening on the tail. I could’ve done a little better there, and I see how I could, for future reference. Thought I was the only one who was seeing that, but dismissed it as my own imagination.

Thanks for the kind words about the comic. Fap or no fap, I’m still grateful for your readership. ^__^

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