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Comic 283

Comic 283 published on 171 Comments on Comic 283

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Call it a warning shot, if you like, but a near-miss with an axe last week sent Briella a pretty clear message about her pursuers’ intentions, and they don’t appear to be friendly.

Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can pull up “Hair of the Dog,” as performed by Guns N’ Roses.  To borrow a bit from the lyrics, the Tigers now might just be messing with a spawn of a dritch.

Not much else to report this week, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet.  Is Briella set to play offense?  Or will Kess and her crew skewer the scaly one?  All that and more, next week.  Stay tuned.

Until then, take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!




Shit just got serious.
I still hope for a diplomatic solution, but I haven’t slept for 48 hours, so I might be crazy hoping for that.
On one last note… that snarl!

I’m doubting the illusionary flock will work beyond getting her some extra lead time. The tigers are out for blood and the moment they see their weapons pass through they’ll ignore them and get back on the chase.

Though the big question is wether or not Briella is pissed enough to try to get the drop on a few of the tigresses. Bad idea in her state, but people rarely think straight when running on nothing but adrenaline.

oooo….dragon/tiger wrestling. Even if Briella doesn’t try to jump them we just gotta get a pic or two of that! Maybe Ennek’s lay will come from a very unexpected source! hehe…

Not so shore about that, there trying to catch one dragon but once they see a flock of dragons those cat’s will run the other direction with there tails between there legs. Picking on one little old dragon is diffident from trying to fight an entire flock.

I’m still trying to figure out what the range is on the Zhirite weapons to null a dragon’s powers. If Briella did make clones/illusions of herself, which it seems like she may be doing, would they disappear once they got within the range of the Tiger’s weapons?

lol i always love how briella blames it all on lady red, how at all is it really her fault whn=en she is just really relaying the queens orders… poor red…. also, those tigers better watch out, she looks pretty frikin pissed

light clones? would be awesome. Now, as a light dragon,Y U NO GATHER THE LIGHT AND FIRE IT OFF LIKE A SOLARBEAM?

All I can say right now is don’t rule that out. ~__^

Laser’s just a light beam. A very particular type of very, very tight beam, but just light. The USAF spent more than $5 Billion trying to develop a plane with a laser on it to shoot down ballistic missiles. They came up with a megawatt class chemical laser that succeeded in shooting down missiles in flight. But the range sucks, and it’s too hard to up the power level enough to get the range up, so they canned it.

And all it did was heat up the skin of the missile so it couldn’t take the stress of acceleration.

At close range, though, it’d probably burn through a tiger pretty darn quick… the problem is, when you hit something and start cutting it, all the crap that gets thrown off creates a cloud that screws up the beam, which you have to have to have enough power to burn through to keep hitting the target. A problem if you’re hitting say, a tank or a wall. Less so if you’re hitting something alive…

And didn’t we already see her imagining burning lady red up with super light beams? 🙂

Ooooooh so you wanna fight a flock eh? Oh and uh Briella lemme “help you out with lady red”. *Loads his AK-47 with an extended magazine and attaches a red dot sight. Then cocks it accordingly* Well my orange lovelies. Briella’s got a flock. And that flock is Me. My AK-47. And my assault armor! Banzai bitches!

“RazorFox says…

In the meantime, though, let the gratuitous violence begin! ^o^”

violence…why kill each other? why did this war start? let there be a behind-the-scene villain so that they can kill HIM instead. it saddens me to c them fight. 🙁

Can someone tell me who greenlights the ads shown under the comment section? Because I’m getting tired of “Inside China’s race to destroy the dollar” seriously, last year it was “The Death of the dollar” and now this, I would turn on adblocker but I don’t know how

just get ad block and no script, sorry nixie i know ads make part of the revenue for the katbox but seeing ads like that just seem little over the top i rather give you the money then see that

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