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Comic 284

Comic 284 published on 128 Comments on Comic 284

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

You can’t really blame Briella for admiring her handiwork.  She wanted a flock, and got herself some of the finest ever to serve the Crown, including Cinder, Kighan, Elektra, Sombrana, and even a somewhat skewed interpretation of Lady Red.  This IS Briella we’re talking about, after all.  Not exactly Lady Red’s biggest fan.

Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can continue to pull up “Hair of the Dog,” as covered by Guns N’ Roses.

This past Sunday (April 22) was Earth Day, and, as per tradition, I’m proud to present this year’s Draconia Chronicles Earth Day picture for the Year of the Dragon.  Saph, Eone, Meta, and the late Gaia, however,  respectfully request that you refer to it as the “Year of the Earth Dragon.”  Check the goodness on my FurAffinity page.  This pic’s worksafe under most circumstances.

As you can see from the result above, this page was actually pretty intense, especially considering that I battled a considerable amount of writer’s block on it and didn’t actually get to the art part of it until late Thursday night.  After three days and a couple liters of Mountain Dew, I present to you a page that I’m rather pleased with.  But with it comes great fatigue.  Time to get some rest before beginning on page 285.

With that, I bid you a good morrow.  Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



You know…Kess should really appreciate Briella for this. After all, she does get to sink her weapon into a defenseless dragon like she’s always going on about. Such a humanitarian Briella is, doing the enemy a favor like that.

Now she just needs to get out of harms way before her gratitude wears off.

Which should be in exactly 3…2…

7 days.

Zweeeen? It’s weird, in my head that sounds like the sound Neirnroot in Skyrim makes.

Interesting. Actually, I want each Light Dragon to have a signature sound effect. Princess Lumina has “Vweeeen,” Lady Chiara has “Zeeeen,” and Briella here has “Zweeeen.” No two Light Dragons will have the same sound. The idea comes from light bulbs. Notice how when you turn on a lamp, you hear a slight buzz or hum from the light bulbs? That’s the sound you’re “hearing” here. ^__^

HAH! Lady Red’s face is like “La la la I’m not real 6_9!!” This is the page that has more panels that I like ^_^ (2, 3 and 6)

oh my beloved Briella, you have to have it pretty intelligent.

BTW Razor can I get in on this supposed “fight”? I made a wardrobe/weapons change over to the new MW3 style clothing/weaponry. You like or no?

What, you want me to change their weapons and clothing in the comic? Oh, I’m sorry, Dave, but I’m afraid I can’t do that. You can, though, if you want to create in-game avatars of them, somehow. (Seen it happen in “City of Heroes.”)

This strip is a perfect example of rule #34…………….

(enjoying the small things in life.)

Loving this page!


“Yay.” /Fluttershy

If the Tigers have any semblance of intelligence, this should only keep them distracted for a few seconds before they realise it’s an illusion.
I’m hoping Shie runs over and snaps Briella’s neck while she flaunts her ego.

Lets say Bril woud eat Lady Reds ass if she gets her hand on her .D and i’m locking forword to see what you will do with the earth dragons *g*

We shall see. Briella’s still got a ways to go, and the Tigers could still get their paws on her.

Gotta give it to Briella, she is damn good. She is the Excellence of Execution. She is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there every will be. And that statement is real, oh it’s damn real.

RazorFox bet you can’t figure out who I’m referencing in that final sentence. :3

Bret Hart, followed by Kurt Angle. Didn’t even have to look those up. The Fox says, “Try harder, jabroni!” >o<

I honestly wasn’t trying hard, I was trying to have a little fun 😛

Although if you want me to try harder I will, Briella is know as the “Tiger’s Worst Nightmare” Briella.

Hint: The answer lies within a promotion that is still around that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan used to work in.

Make no mistake I am a tiger supporter, always will be. But Briela has won enough of my heart that I been cheering for her escape this entire time.Very happy to see her useing her head. XD

On a side note danny, I think why we can hardly tell shes moving backwards is cause you lopped off most of her legs. XD Alot of folks might not notice that you drew her legs at an angle that implies shes shifting her weight backwards to back up.

Yeah, sorry about that. This page was done in a bit of a rush, and quite frankly, that last panel was not the highest priority on the page. I’ll try to clear it up on the next page.

This is why all you guys’ comments. Lets me know my hits and my misses, and gets me thinking about how to correct them. I really appreciate all of it! ^__^

Razor said

You’d make yet another “CSI” spinoff? “CSI: Bangor!” (“Aaaaaayuuuh!”) >o<

…what…u thought i would make. NO! what ment was (this was before my sorry) i would make your house the next REAL LIFE CSI. aka…i would kill u

but like i said, uncalled for

“Illusions! Mere trickery! Do you call yourself a DRAGON?! You’d be more fit to be called a travelling magician, lest a dragon of the elements. I want you to be properly handling a blade, specifically the one gifted to you by our Lord.” -Hexlith (It’s been a while to hear back from me, hasn’t it? I just found something from my book that is VERY dramatic from Hexlith to Gavir. If you were reading the book, you’d see previously that Gavir was using hallucinations.)

he should’ve had the core materials made out of something more sturdy and just had the “skin” be porcelain(btw porcelaine is a breed of dog… i assume you meant the material?)

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