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Comic 288

Comic 288 published on 165 Comments on Comic 288

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

So close, and yet, so far.  Will Briella find a way to punch through the ceiling?  Or will Rula and her crew finally dash Briella’s dreams of escape?

Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can pull up “The Pretender” by Foo Fighters.

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been floating the purely hypothetical idea of the possibility of a limited-edition single-character run of Draconia Chronicles poseable action figures.  First, thanks to your input, you chose Dragons over Tigers.  Then, you nominated a slate of candidates.  And now, you’ve voted.  Things were running pretty tight at the top, but the winner is the Lady of the Lightning herself, Elektra!  Briella gave her a solid challenge, but Elektra prevailed.  Thanks so much for all your votes!

Now, the question becomes as to whether these action figures will ever become anything more than simply hypothetical.  Will they?  We’ll see.  Stay tuned for details.

On another note, I have finally scripted all the way to the end of the current chapter!  The finale is near, and the endgame has begun.  And with that, I come to the realization that I’m one exhausted artist, and I could really use a break from doing the comic for a few weeks.  I did the same thing between chapters last summer, and for the first time in the series’ history, I decided to open the door to guest comics.  The response was huge!  Thus, I decided to make it an annual event.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to announce the return of the Draconia Chronicles Annual for 2012!  If you’re artistically inclined and wish to submit comics or pin-up art based in the Draconia Chronicles universe, this is your chance to do it!  There’s no actual pay involved, but if you’ve got a webcomic of your own, or an online art gallery somewhere, I’ll plug it heavily, and you’ll also score a free copy of the forthcoming 2013 Draconia Chronicles Calendar!  If you’re interested–and I know you are!–and you need submission guidelines and deadlines, shoot me an Email.

Last year’s submissions were so epic, that I eagerly look forward to see what you all come up with this year.  Get on it, my fellow Draconiacs!

And with that, I, too, will get on it for page 289.  Has Briella’s lucky streak drawn to a close?  Stay tuned.

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



Well, looks like there’s going to be one less dragon. 🙁

Darn this comic for making it hard to pick a side!

There’s no penalty for switching allegiances here. If you want to root for Tigers today and for Dragons tomorrow, you’re perfectly welcome to. ^__^;

Hey Razor. Did I ever mention I LOVE sneaking pics behind Ennek, Kess, Briella, Shaleigh, AND Princess Kiriad’s “Back”. Heh heh… *Gives his signature perverted smile* Did I also mention my Octo-Camo RC is computerized? He thinks, and talks just like everyone else. And has a cute little digi-face. *Calls his Octo-Camo RC over to meet Razorfox*

aw so close 🙁 well bri i still belive all the way to the very end girl! youll find a way.

also i like sombrana better than red as leader from what i gather she uses plans that save more dragonesses than the over all plan but she still gets shit done so yeah.been wondren razor who do you like better red or sombrana?
and as always great job.

Thanks for the kind words. Lady Red is my overall favorite Dragon, but Sombrana is a ton of fun to write for, and there’s a little bit of me in her personality. When I write for Sombrana, I let out the side of me that just wants to say, “Everyone, just shut the hell up and do as I say unconditionally, and you’ll see that I’m right!” ^__^

opps, i put it twice…i r smart

me am scientist

the system don’t like me my post for this Page landet on last one O.o or i can see the future 😀

Oh well good work as well

and Bril did a mistake again no wonder she was catched again

Be invisibel and than mak a light that no one woud see if i now that i was chaced by a buchn of blood hungry armed tiegers 😀 oh well let see what comes next

Tweeet *yellow flag* “Roughing the caster. Defense. Five yard penalty.” …. Wait, is this why Briella has made it this far? Are the gods football refs? Tweet *yellow flag* “Delay of slaying, Comic 287, 288, 289. Fifteen yards.” Tweet * yellow flag* “Holding. Comic 286. Five yards.” Tweet *yellow flag* “Facing. Comic 285. Two penalties. Ten yards.” Tweet *yellow flag* “, “Unnecessary roughness. Comic 276. Five yards.” Tweet *yellow flag* “Unlawful passing. Comic 274. Five yards.” Tweet *yellow flag* “False start. Comic 267. Five yards.” …. That or the fifth of vodka. Either way, I am happy. 😉 Keep up the good writing and drawing.

Well shit. That’s gonna make it a LOT harder to escape.

Briella still has a chance though, if she gets free now, the water will have washed away the feces and she won’t be so easy to track.

Or, you know, hide in the water, blast the ceiling and fly away anyway.

Dammit Briella! Stop being not awesome enough to survive! You’re too nice (relatively) to die!

Karma for that cheeky calling card, methinks.

And I noticed a typo in the panel where Briella is charging her energy. You spelled “armed” wrong.

Oh and Razor. Still looking forward to meeting you in person! You and I have some talking to do. Friendly Comic Reader to Comic Artist, talking of course!

Briella is charging power
Rula uses pounce
Briella flinched

Poor Briella. So close. So very close. Then BAM!

Seeing as how she’s devoted most of her energy towards escaping, we never really got to see how good of a fighter Briella really is. Now that she’s cornered, beat up, and literally just a few feet away from freedom. We might get to see just how ferocious she can really be under present circumstances.

There’s only three tigers she really has to worry about right now. She doesn’t need to defeat them, just keep them at bay long enough to fire off a shot at the ceiling. That’s easily within her power of diversionary tactics…assuming that she can break free of course.

With regarding the previous page, Shie and Riah might also become more interested in capturing her now. If only for the sake of getting a name.

I’m just seeing the one tiger there now.

The other two aren’t far behind. Interestingly enough, she’ll be going up against the same trio that she outmaneuvered earlier.

Will she be able to do it again?

They weren’t expecting her the last time. Well, they weren’t expecting each other really. This time around the tigers have the jump on her though, and they know her tactics. That’s not to say she’s boned. Briella is going to need to channel every ounce of her amazingness to get out of this one on her own methinks.


She’s not quite dead. She feels happyyyy! She feels happyyyy!

“It’s always interesting to watch you simple mortals mess around with the light. I chose to remain as god of darkness and shadow for a reason. You exposed yourself to my sight easily in this world. I would’ve killed you myself, had i wanted to.” – Prensir (Prensir is a new one, you’ll see easily. He’s the god that is worshipped by the Drakmir. He is the god of Shadow, Darkness, and death. I hope that you continue to make stuff that lets me show these references!)

I think you’ll find a way to reference your characters and their quotes regardless of what I put up. When are you going to tell us what all this is from? Is this your comic? Your book? When you post your stuff online, can I put up marginally-relevant quotes from my own works in your comments section? ^__^

interruption! but she should have made sure the tigers were not so close…considering gathering the light for the blast basically told the tigerswhere she was….

Good observation. There’s only so much that can be done invisibly. ^__^

They’re in a cave, so what could be also inside of the cave? Bats?

Mmmmmmaybe. They could very well be in a Bat Cave.

I’m not saying you should kill Briella off, but i have noticed that the death rate when the dragons and the tigers fight is almost none. It is a little weird to have a war raging and have very little death at all. The comic is fantastic otherwise, I’m just adding my opinion.

Well the only actual battle that’s happened, two from each side were killed (though one was a prisoner and not actually involved in the fight).

The Volcano, on the other hand, claimed hundreds. At least.

I wonder how that holo sign is there….

I think it’s an overcast by its angle

I think it’s a can of blue glow in the dark paint that got splattered in outer space, and the shape is coincidental. You can see through it because of how spread out it is.

C and higher speed would have to involve warping, so a speed limit doesn’t really make that much sense :/

Unless this universe doesn’t have the same relativity theory.

Not to mention that we know traveling faster than light would make it impossible to see things that weren’t traveling in the same direction as you with enough velocity to be within the speed of light of your speed.

It’s also a hypotheses that matter itself would be out of phase so to speak with other matter at these speeds, and would in fact act on slower moving matter as more of a wave than an object.

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