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Comic 289

Comic 289 published on 151 Comments on Comic 289

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

So this is what happens when you push a Dragon to her very limit.  Interesting…

Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can pull up “My Way” by Limp Bizkit.

Sorry this page is a little late.  The water and lighting effects on this page took a while to put together, but I’m hugely satisfied with how it came out, especially in panels 2 and 3.  Love the over and under effect there.  And it still came out on Monday, so the comic’s perfect update streak remains unbroken!

But all this does come at a price.  A bit of burnout is beginning to set in, and I could really use a break.  With the current chapter in its final pages, it’s time once again for the Draconia Chronicles Annual for 2012!  A couple inquiries have already come in, and a couple pieces are already done and/or underway.  This is your chance to show off your Draconia Chronicles fan creations–both comics and pin-ups–while allowing me to take a well-earned break.  We’ll make sure to pimp the hell out of your site, whether it’s for your webcomic, or DeviantArt or FurAffinity gallery, and you’ll also get a free copy of the forthcoming 2013 Draconia Chronicles Calendar.  Need more information, including submission guidelines and deadlines?  Just Email me and I will provide!  Thanks in advance for your interest!

And with that, it’s time for me to go and enjoy the remainder of my Memorial Day weekend.  My sincerest thanks to all the men and women of the United States armed forces who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

And speaking of ultimate sacrifices, will Briella have to give that herself?  Or will Rula, Naisha, and Kenzi wish they hadn’t picked this fight?  Find out next week!

Until then, my fellow Draconiacs, take care, and thanks so much for reading (and for your patience this week)!



And Briella pulls off a Shoop Da Whoop

It’s funny, I didn’t care one way or the other at first…and now I find myself hoping she doesn’t end up dead. I blame the axe.

*Crosses fingers and hopes Briella survives to get the care package he sent* :X

I am hoping Briella lives, she got the raw in of the stick on this mission. I like her i hope my fav dragon does not die it would make me said :(. First time writing on this forum but been a fan for about 2 year now, and I got to say nice job. I am actually working on starting a comic book company once we get established might ask you to do a cover or two for us.

Yknow, its times like this I really dislike the tigers ^^;

sorry to say, just the fact that theyre about to kill her, a) when briella is clearly by herself at this point, b) shes essentially screwed against several enemies at once, especially in her visibly beaten condition.

and c) the tigers mostly want her dead because of thier petty greivances which they very much brought on themselves ^^;

chipped tooth – youre the idiot who jumped MOUTH FIRST at an enemy and expected to hit,
turn tiger against tiger – again, nothing to do with her, you’re all just oversexed overzealous bitches and got on someones nerves enough for them to snap.
how many tigers shes killed – you know NOTHING about this dragon, but dont even care, just that she gotta die

whew, that was quite the comment, sorry XD;

To be fair, Kenzi really was expecting there to be a solid dragon to plow into. Not just an illusionary one.

If she knew that there was a chance that she would miss, she could have very easily altered her movements. Suddenly passing through what should have been a solid mass can really be a big surprise to just about anybody.

This is why you kill someone and dont talk trash to them… the tiger could already kill her here, but they didnt and now they gonna pay that XD

Like I said. That’s not the same as as having a solid mass suddenly prove to be anything but solid. It tends to catch people off guard and it difficult to adjust to. If an opponent simply moves, it’s easy to adjust to their movements, and brace oneself for whatever may happen next.

It’s evident that none of the tigers there have ever dealt with clones like that before. They didn’t even exhibit any prior knowledge of hearing about dragons with said technique. Without any experience or knowledge in the matter, there’s no possible way that any of them could have predicted the possibility that they would simply pass through.

And to their credit, when they came across the same situation again, none of them went charging face first. Save for Kess it served as only a minor distraction. They quickly managed to adapt and get right back on Briella’s tail, leading to a successful catch.

You two have this well covered. Sable, I see how the Tigers’ grievances are rather petty and how a lot of this isn’t Briella’s fault, but when these three in particular are frustrated at their inability to catch one lowly Dragon, their emotions are going to flare up, and mountains will be made out of molehills. After all, Briella herself mentions what separates the Dragons from the Tigers: the ability to keep your emotions from dictating your actions. Naisha, Rula, and Kenzi are exhibiting exactly that.

Crabby, your assessment of the attack that ultimately resulted in Kenzi’s busted “toof'” is very accurate. The trio were already airborne, thinking they were going to hit a solid Dragon. A scant fraction of a second elapsed between the time they would have hit Briella and the time that they plowed face-first into the floor. Virtually nonexistent reaction time coupled with an airborne trajectory dictated by gravity results in a situation that they could not realistically get out of. It was a one-way non-stop trip to Faceplant City, population: them. ^__^

And dammit, ya censored Rula’s nipples!

You can find her nippley goodness on Razor’s FurAffinity account.

no Panic she sasy and panic is writen all over brils face and there she plast of her emotions in a light plast 😀 but the next question is what did she hit and what will the tigers do *g*

Great work and lets see how this will end 🙂

look at how much trouble 1 dragon gives them if red and her team shows they would all be dead

I couldn’t help but think the same thing. If one chickensh*t light dragon can give 7 tigers so much trouble, how can they possibly fend off the rest of the flock?

Briella’s skillset doesn’t really seem to be combat oriented. At least not that we’ve seen so far. She focused a lot on evading detection until she could spot her objective. Unfortunately her objective was never there to begin with and she ended up being discovered. She couldn’t afford to be caught up in any lengthy battles being vastly outnumbered that she was. So she ran.

Now she has no choice to fight.

Crabby’s assessment of the Briella’s predicament is pretty spot-on. Virtually all of the things that Briella’s done have been the result of parlor tricks and luck. I wanted the Tigers to finally put her in a fight-or-flight situation where “flight” is no longer an option.

Shoulda just drowned the bitch.


Hope these pussy cat’s like going the rest of there lives blind because there’s no way they will be able to see again after looking point blank into this solar flare. Can’t hit what you can’t see, Kenzi swings blindly with the scythe, Brielly ducks and Naisha get’s hit fatality with it loosing her grip and Briella get’s away for good. I mean they have sucked so bad trying to get her this hole time it has to go down like that.

Interesting scenario. We’ll find out if you’re right soon enough. ^__^

How many cats does it takes to screw the lightbulb?

Flash oooohhh savior of the dragonverse!

LOL! Maybe Briella can earn the nickname “Flash Dragon.” ^__^

Her costume could be a trench coat.

Stand tall, and when others hold you down fight back and stand taller, Kick there asses bri and get home.

Also wonderful lighting work worth the wait tenfold

Odd. It didn’t post my comment.

Well anyway as I wanted to say Razor… most excellent episode.

“Now that’s what I call…”

*Puts on sunglasses.*

“A panic attack.”


poor briella…. i wonder what is going to happen? :.(

Answers are forthcoming. Just a few more days, young grasshopper.

Well. You could certainly say they *sunglasses* saw the light.


Well, that’s one way to make light of a bad situation. *ba-dum tsh!*

Quick quastion, whats the Zhirite? As Bri also thinks about it, as well just before the tiger says Zhirite Scythe ( the weapon ) is it a god that they both worship? that be interesting.

A metal the tigers like to make their weapons out of, because proximity to it kills the dragons’ Magick. Thus taking away the Dragons’ main advantage.

Tiron’s got it. ^__^

Long time lurker (since I met Razor at intervention 2.5 years ago). Generally I’m rooting for the dragons and still am. This chase has been an amusing 20 weeks but I’m looking forward to the ending. As for the tigers.. I find them very prone to infighting and being overeager. If this turns out badly for most of them I can’t say much aside from “serves them right”.

Song lyrics anyone?
“Put on those shades, and wave to yesterday, the sunlight hurts my eyes”.
“Blinded by the light. Revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night.”

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