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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!

So THAT’S what’s going on in Saph‘s mind.  ^__^

Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can pull up “Sweet About Me” by Gabriella Cilmi.

We’re just over two weeks away from Anime Weekend Atlanta, where I’ll be making my final Artist Alley appearance at that convention, and I’ll be joined by my fellow Katboxers MasterGodai (Rascals) and Nekonny (Caribbean Blue).  AWA is consistently the most fun I have at a convention every year, and as it’s the second-to-last stop on my farewell tour, I’d love to see as many of you there as possible.  So if you’re anywhere near Atlanta, Georgia–and given how many airlines do layovers in Atlanta, you’re probably closer than you think!–I kindly and humbly request that you get your ass out there to see me!  It might be your last chance!

Oh, and there’s been a recent surge in my Patreon pot, and I sincerely thank you for that!  Enthusiasm for the comic seems to be growing as of late, and it sounds like you and your fellow Draconiacs are expressing it through your pledges of support!  You, too, can pitch in and help keep the comic going, and a pledge as little as $3 per page gets you exclusive access to sneak previews of new pages as they come together.  Other incentives are coming soon, including your chance to get a free 2015 Draconia Chronicles Calendar for supporters who pledge $10 or more for at least two pages.  Pledge your support now, and thanks again for your awesome energy and feedback!

So will Saph’s desire to impress Lady Red pay off?  Or will Kenzi and Ennek get to slicing and dicing?  Stay tuned…

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



The sadistic sociopath I keep chained up in my basement marvels at the delightful tragedy that could ensue if you decided to kill Saph right here, right now. Shit would get so real.

Then again, she’s a pretty volatile character, so you probably have your own plans for her. Oh, well.

Easier said than done when your would-be assailants are now scared to death of you. ^__^;

man i hope she lives. but none the less great job with comic.

and razorfox, i was wondering if i could bring a few questions to your attention,

1. what happen to the katbox’s deviantart account, it use to be in the top left of the comic, next to the twitter and facebook accounts. now its disappeared. any idea where it went?

2. about your youtube channel. it was great that you took the ice bucket challenge, but are you gonna upload other vids in the future? preferably ones about draconia chronicles.

3. and finally, seeing how she is relavent right now, and she might still be relevent in the month of October, i was wondering for this years halloween, you could draw a picture of a re animated gaia, ya know, UNDEAD. i just think it would be cool, but if not, im sure you and the rest of the katbox have something way better cooked up.

1. I’m not sure about Katbox’s DA account as I never really used it. I don’t have an answer to that one, sorry.

2. I don’t consider it a full-fledged channel as it’s more of just an account. I had a video, and having had a YouTube account for years, so that I could comment on things and save playlists, I just uploaded it there. At this time, I have no plans to do anything else with it unless another viral fundraising fad sweeps the internet. ^__^

3. We’re still hammering out plans for this year’s Halloween special, so anything can still happen. ~__^

Oh my. Her excitement is blinding her judgement and might become… death. I hope not.
Its getting hot somehow XD.

It could be Saph’s weakness… or a strength, for all we know. We’ll see how it plays out. Hang in there. ~__^

Okay, her “little” fantasies with a certain fire dragon sometimes creeps me out… But man, who doesn’t like some “spicy” lady, like Miss Red. Right? XD

to be frank, and this is a little far fetched, but im guessing that saph may actually find kilani, and that she make attack her, when they were ordered to bring her in unharmed. that would just really screw things up for her, but im just guessing here.

Well, given the direction everyone’s been traveling in, Saph’s on the wrong side of the forest to meet up with Kilani. Ennek and Kenzi are going to be her more immediate concerns, just as Kenzi and Ennek have to get past Saph first.

oh okay, but im just thinking that somewhere around this forest, kilani may be attempting to ”punish” herself again. i can only hope that im either wrong or the dragons/tigers stop her. in fact, im really expecting the dragons to find her first, i wonder how oscura will react when she hears that kilani attempted to ”off” herself.

What. A. Cunt. I like the Warriors reference though.

Woohoo! Someone else caught the reference! ^o^

I haven’t been keeping up too well so i ask that someone explain this to me please.

your leaving?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Only from the convention scene. I never said anything about quitting drawing. In fact, it’ll free up some time to draw more. ^__^

but they only come to see you

When your dreams are strong, these dreams come true. I know this because this happened to me and I hope this can happen to Saph too 🙂

You dreamt of impressing Lady Red with Tiger pelts?

In that case I would impress Lady Red with Cabbage’s pelt, but no. I dreamt of meeting Tom Isaksen, the maker of the game Hitman and he is a master of computer animation and last year my dream came true!! I met him in person during an event called CG Extreme.

Lol. Don’t count your pelts before they’re dead!

Dammit, Saph! Get out of the way! XP

Mmmmmaybe it exists. ~__^


Thank you =3

You’re quite welcome. ^__^

D: I can’t view it…I has much sads…..anyway could I see too 😀 ….I would join as a patron….but I have no job….you know lacking of age by 1 year >:0…..anyway….can’t give yet!!!! But….could you make me happy and possible let me sees too (does puppy dog face)

I can’t help but shake the feeling lady red wants Saph dead. Either to motivate the other earth dragons or more likely to maintain the flame dragons position of power within their society ( the flame dragons seem to be closest to gaining the throne if something were to happen to their current leader ). Why else would she send a rookie alone after 2 tigers.

nah, red may be bad for keeping gaia’s death a secret form eone and meta, but she’s as bad as to send one of the earth dragons to their death. besides, red told saph to stay out in the open to keep the tigers from regrouping, yet saph went to chase after the tigers instead. besides, sending other dragons to thier deaths, sounds more like something elektra would do. but she’s long gone from where there at.

I wish I could be in all of these comics as, a Shadow.

uh okay. but sense where watching it without the characters know, aren’t we all just shadows?

Not close enough.
I’m talking about a living shadow that follows the characters around and hides in plain sight making sure that certain things happen like a ‘rock slide’ for instance, a ‘fire starting of its own accord’, OR possibly ‘preventingacertainTigerfromcomitingsuicide’ sort of thing.

oh well i was gonna say ”you want to be that strange entity from final destination?”.
that is until you said the ”preventing the tiger from offing herself” part.
in that case, there’s no need to worry, because theirs already a shadow doing all these
things, its name is razorfox.

From my perspective Razorfox is god of this world and the shadows are either three things.
1. they are fallen angels sent to this world to atone for their unholy sins, because god knows what is going to happen the next day and would rather not risk divine intervention, which could end with both races finding out that their god may or may not be a woman and there for making both of the female species Pissed Off.
2. the Shadows are the chosen disciples of The Goddess who are to fulfill her divine commands.
3. or they’re random people from other worlds that see fit to help the races out because for some unknown reason, the shadows love both the Dragons and the Tigers, also because the are something they can never be,

you ever see the movie final destination? its about this group of people who avoid an accident. mainly because one of the persons can see the future, the only problem is that a strange entity, basically death itself, continues to follow them and picks them off one by one, however the group believes they can beat death if they survive for a specific amount of time.

and as for the shadows, well call me crazy, but i think, about 1 year from now, if the comic is still going, i think razorfox is going to introduce humans into the mix.

mainly because there are alot of things in the comic that suggest signs of humanity. for example: on page 254, when red is asking jitoux what happend, she describes the mist, not as a smoke but a type of gas, one that makes you cough and makes your eyes water. for me, it sounds like tear gas. a human product.

2nd. in the draconia chronicles wiki, created by rozen, who i believe is a friend of razorfox. when he created the wiki, and he created the page describing ”Luasa/Loessa”. (the godess) he described her as being a human with golden dragon wings and a white tail.

3rd, you take a look at the tigers weapons, yes they are made with a unique alloy known as zhitre. but the weapons themselves, sycthes, mace’s, knives, swords? they must’ve gotten those designs from somewhere. im guessing possibly ancient human architecture on walls from ancient human civilizations.

and finally 4, i have a very interesting hypothesis that all of this takes place many years into the future from where we are now in modern times. only instead of a bright future, humanity nearly destroyed themselves through nuclear war and the radiation mutated female tigers into anthro humanoid beings, and mutated lizards into dragon like creatures who have the ability to create and control certain elemental anomalies such as fire, light, water, and electricity. i know its far fetched, but it could happen.

My answer to those,
1st. Acid
2nd. Cthulhu
3rd. Almost everyone finds a new way of killing
4th. No matter how ridicules that sounds (I’m not Judging) even if that’s possible the end of the world if I recall correctly is written in the book of Revelations. It doesn’t say anything about two new species coming up from anywhere to wage another war, that would be preposterous and the only way that we could find out is if Razorfox straight up tells us, in which case would ruin the comic.

1st . how is acid a type of gas nad where did kilani get her hands on it.
2nd. how does cthulhu in any way have to do with what i just described.
3rd, yes they find knew ways, but those ways are way to similar to humanity to be just coincidence.
4th buddy, i took read the bible and i too believe in god. but the honesty truth is that the world could end in any number of ways, besides, im not talking about real life. im just talking about it happening in the draconia unuverse. razorfox may put in humans or he may not .ya know never know. that is unless he comes and tells us ”no, there will never be any humans”.

otherwise, there’s always the possibility.

Again, all very interesting points. But tigers wouldn’t have to be related to humans in any way in this comic’s universe. Why do they think the same way we do? Possibly that is just how they evolved. Of course, if there are humans in this universe, that brings up other, more interesting possibilities. And as for the common weapons, keep in mind that the Europeans and Japanese both discovered metallurgy and metalworking, and as a result, invented the sword, all without having had any sort of contact with each other at the time. So did a lot of other countries. Based on this, I would hypothesize that swords or sword-like weapons are quite commonly invented, probably due to their being simple and relatively easy to make.

Of course, this is all just conjecture on my part. The only person who might actually know this stuff would be RazorFox.

i know, thats the point. the tigers are not related to us in anyway, so how did they make the same weapons we did? yes, humans did make those weapons on there own, but tigers aren’t humans. all the more reason, that tigers got those designs from us. except for the swords, you make a good point on that.

Ironically, number 3 describes exactly the role I imagine myself being in if I were to somehow end up in this comic: a person from a distant world working to bring peace between the Tigers and the Dragons because he loves both races and does not wish to see them wipe each other out.

Yes, I saw that. Quite an intriguing idea. And the humans could secretly be studying the tigers and the dragons, and building their strength slowly and patiently in preparation for staging their return to the world. In fact, I think it could make for an interesting twist in the story if that were to be the case.

well if you saw it, you would see that the goal for the humans is not to get involved in the war but too end it. mainly because of two reasons, 1. because they just survived one war and don’t wish to get involved in another one. and 2. both races are something like humanity has ever seen, i doubt they would destroy such amazing races just to reclaim there land.

and one thing that i forgot to mention, sense in most nuclear post apocalyptic films and games, it takes at least 20 to 50 for the radiation to die down, not to mention it takes much longer for plants and wild life begin to re inhabit the earth. my guess is that when the bombs where dropped, the humans built large shelters, similar to the vaults from fallout 3, to survive the destruction. now, don’t get me wrong. im not talking about exact copy’s of the vaults from fallout 3. im talking about big underground shelters that are about the size of say, a small underground military missile base, similar to the D6 base in metro last light. and sense i believe its a bit silly and unrealistic that humans could survive in a shelter for hundreds, possibly billions of years, (sense that’s how far back the draconia universe goes). i should say that the shelters held small prototype cryo stasis beds that allowed all the humans who entered the shelter for the first time, to sleep and hibernate, peacefully. and now billions of years after the bombs fell, they awaken, not to find a new re inhabited land to re build there civilization, but instead, two races fighting each other over a reason they can’t even remember. so instead of going to war with them (with the reasons as to why, stated near the top of this comment) they instead began to watch and study the creatures, believing that this war would end in a few years, (sense that’s the average time span of most human wars).

and so they waited 3 years, then 5, then 10, then 18, then 20, then 27, then 36, and now, now it has been 47 years sense they awoken from their shelters (sense i believe that’s enough time for them hollow out and make their small underground city in the mountain)

and with no end of the war in sight, the humans and their Leader decide that if they are too survive, (because they can’t live in the mountain forever) the humans must end this war now. peacefully if possible.

now that does not need to be the case. ya know, them ending the war and all that.
because in terms of when the humans make their appearance for the first time is up to razorfox, if he ever decides to put them in the comic.

Ok, that is a really good idea. So, my guess here is that the humans would be like they are in The Matrix films, living in one last underground city, but probably not at such a technological level. Also, assuming that humans are the reason behind everything in the comic being the way that it is (from the similar weapons to the fact that dragons and female tigers are bipedal), a significant amount of time would have to have passed, (it would have to be more than 50 or 75 years (i’m thinking more on the order of thousands of years)), since the amount of radioactive contamination generated by a nuclear war could take at least a few hundred years to subside to non-hazardous levels, and a few hundred more to subside completely. Then, after all this time of hiding, they slowly re-emerge, find the tigers and the dragons fighting, and, at first, sit in the shadows and study them before making themselves known. Then, some humans attempt to stop this war and co-exist with the tigers and dragons, while others decide to try to wipe them out or subjugate them on the grounds that they aren’t human.

I do like that idea. It could make the story more interesting than it already is. But like you say, it is ultimately entirely up to Razor fox.

not possible. first off, i don’t have any money, nor do i know how to use patreon.

2nd. razorfox will not change his story, no matter how much you pay him, its his story, not mine or anyone else’s. however, if he wants to use my hypothesis in order to make the comic exist longer, and add it to the story. then by all means he can do so, he doesn’t need my permission.

and finally 3rd. razorfox doesn’t take bribes. patreon is used for donating in order to help him with comic. thats all.

well, i think it would be changing the genre of the story. but in my hypothesis i try to think of the humans to a point where it wouldn’t hurt the story or the genere that much. like im not talking about humans will full military support.

what im thinking is that: of about the 80,000 humans that survived the apocalypse, only about 5 or 10 of them have guns and with that, they have very limited ammo. i think one or two of them may have modern day crossbows, and maybe one of them would have a flame thrower. hink of the homemade weapons in metro 2033 video game. those are the weapons i picture them having, only with little ammo. they would also have grenade launcher, but the only ammunition they have

for that are smoke grenades. they would also have an average amount of
homeade explosives, such as homemade semtext, and nail bombs. melee weapons would be small machete’s and possibly nail bats or any other average homeade melee weapon you could think of in an apocalypse. as for there home. there home would be one of the mountains, according to the draconia wiki. there are two mountains on the east and west sides of the dragon kingdom and the tiger lands. one of them had a name and the other one didn’t. i believe the humans hideout would be the mountain without a name, and instead of living on it, they would live in it, almost the entire mountain would be hollowed out, with a small human city living inside. as for machinery, all they would have would be a couple of rail cars and mining equipment, to navigate the tunnels. Not to mention, in terms of vehicles, they would have only 2. a larg truck, big enough to carry about 12 people, not including the passenger and driver, and a small apc jeep, without a machine gun of course. and as for a last resort vehicle, they would have a small gyro copter, capable of carrying only 2 people. and as for there goal, the humans survived a war only to walk into another one. and sense they’ve been through war more than either of these races, thier goal would be to try to bring peace between the races and possibly help them fight off other bad humans that wish to destroy them for being what they are, non humans.

frankly this is the best and most realistic assumption i can make of humans being in the draconia chronicles universe, the humans are not too powerful, but also not too weak. they have nearly the just as many numbers as the tigers and dragons. and come to think of it, mine is the best one in my opinion. ya know, compared to all those other fanfics on furaffinity where they say humans come in the forms of aliens from another planet and that they have futuristic stuff. yeah, that doesn’t work well together in my opinion, but none the less its there story just as this one is razorfox’s and so i will leave them to do what they wish. humans or not, this comic gets better and better with every update.

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Heh heh. “Beating back” :3

Hee hee! Someone caught that! ^o^

Everybody Type Your Name in if You Think You are a Pervert, The Good Kind of Course.
(Nothing Personal)

Oh, I KNOW I am. I do this comic, don’t I? ~__^

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