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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

So it looks like Saph‘s call might have been unexpectedly answered.  Has Ennek just put her foot in her own mouth?

Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can pull up “Nowhere To Run” by Martha and the Vandellas.

There’s going to be a slight delay getting the next page out as I prepare for and embark on my final journey to Anime Weekend Atlanta, the weekend of September 26 in Atlanta, Georgia.  As you might already have heard, I’ve decided to retire from doing Artist Alley at conventions, and thus, this will be your final chance to meet me in person and get a commission sketch.  AWA is consistently one of the most fun conventions I do each year, and it’s going to be probably the hardest to say goodbye to, but after fifteen years, I figure it’s time to step aside.

And I won’t be alone, either.  I’ll be joined by my Katbox brethren MasterGodai of Rascals fame, and Nekonny of Caribbean Blue!  If meeting me isn’t cool enough–and let’s be honest, people love to meet me!–then MasterGodai and Nekonny have GOT to whet your appetite!  I’ll also have your chance to pre-order your copy of the 2015 Draconia Chronicles Calendar, and maybe even a couple new limited-edition prints and posters!

So if you’re anywhere within driving distance of Atlanta, you’ve got a dwindling number of excuses. Get yourselves out to AWA this coming weekend and let’s party together!  Hope to see you there!

And with that, I’ve got to get to work writing the next page and doing my con prep.  More story soon!  Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



uh can anyone translate what ennek just said?

Nah, it’s a badly said in draconian “come out to play”.

Puffball’s got it! ^__^

still, it sounds like ”coming to play” from the draconians point of view. i wonder what saph will do next. charge after them? prepare for a fight? time i wll tell.

Come to Plow?

english man!

Now i wish i had a translator system in my brain. Hope it mean: Come and get us! You prick! XD

no, she’s just repeating saphs words in her language. notice how she cut saph off after she said
”tih-ih-igerrs” kahma ta plegh = coming to play. meaning ennek and kenzi are about to reveal themselves. the question is, are they going to surrender or fight?

If fight = CURBSTOMP in favor of Tigers. If surrender = ITS A TRAP for Dragons. Just my gut instinct. 😉

i don’t think so, those tigers are pretty scared to death of her. i doubt they’ll fight.

“Spirit” can indeed be a powerful weapon when combined with a physically fit body, military training, proper equipment, and combat experience. But unfortunately, fighting spirit alone doesn’t win battles. Ill take seasoned Tiger vets with multiple Dragon kills, over green newbies with something to prove any day.

Ennek is indeed parroting Saph’s little song, though with a bit more backbone. ^__^

why? is it to intimidate her, to mock her, to taunt her, to make her shut up, or what?!
well see soon enough i guess. anyway congrats on finishing this new page in just 10 days, i think thats a new record. too be honest, when i heard you were making a new calender with saph in mind, i honestly was worried you were gonna be unable to update a new page. im glad i was wrong.

also razorfox, ive been wondering. why do all the comments section on each page eventually close? just wondering.

think it means exactly what is says. only taunting dragons instead. scaly bastards. Maybe its the Viking blood in me, seeing as Tigers are more like Teutonic Vikings, and Dragons are more akin to the Roman Empire (which German Visigoths sacked), BEFORE the Christians came along and bastardized it, turning it into the “Holy” Roman Empire. -_-

Nice comparison! I’ve always wanted to show the Tigers and Dragons as exactly that, with the Tigers being honorable barbarians and the Dragons being the civilized conquerers. ^__^

So do Tigers and Dragons each have one capital city and many towns and villages? Do Tigers have permanent settlements, or are they always moving around? Seeing as this story takes place on Earth, where exactly are their respective capital cities and territories located continent wise? Do humans exist in this world? if so, where would they be located? what time period does this take place in? I’ve been a loyal reader since 2005, but I don’t believe much has been said about the “where and when” factor. If you could fill me in without dropping any serious spoilers, id much appreciate it. ^_^

I got really depressed all of a sudden.

Oh? Why?

because of the stupid way that I think, I am disgusted and unsatisfied by the world around me that I at time cannot see the good qualities nor feel them.

I sincerely understand how you feel, and I hope you’re able to discover something in your life, however inconsequential that thing might be, that gives you a smile and reassurance. I’ve had my dealings with depression myself, and often all it takes is some little thing to get me on the road back. I hope this comic page, and the ones preceding it, can help. You’re not alone, though. You’re never alone. We’re here for you. ^__^

its hard yes. i myself am now dealing with both anxiety and depression at the same time, so its a bit of a nightmare. but i always tell myself, a quote from les brown: ”no matter how hard it gets, I AM GOING TO MAKE IT. no matter how bad it may be, I AM GOING TO MAKE IT. no matter how impossible it may seem, I AM GOING TO MAKE IT!”. just keep saying that yourself. also, watch some motivational video’s on youtube.

dude, i know exactly how you feel. when i was in junior high, and
depression was getting the better of me, i created a little imaginary
life inside my head. one that was filled adventure and excitement. it
was perfect for me. one day when i was depressed, i looked myself in the
mirror and asked, ”why oh why was i put in this world? why couldn’t i
be in world with excitement, and joy, in world that is interesting and
filled with adventure?”
anyway, sooner or later i learned to live. only that when i can, im going to become a book writer and write stories. after all that and/or movies is the closest thing you will get to it being a reality. so this comic may not be real, but if you do what i did and picture yourself in this comic, either as dragon or tiger, or anything else or even better, write a fanfix based on the comic. i would say thats the closest thing you can get to it being a real, right?

dude, your human. you’re desires know no limits. just like how mine don’t. i know you want something more. believe me when i say, your not the only one that wants to live in a different world (me for example). its because of this why i decided to become a book writier when i grow up, so that i can bring my own imaginary world to life, and have people experience it. because its the closest i can get to the real thing. its no reason to be depressed. i lived and stayed inside my house almost 40% of my entire life, because like you, i believe that the world is not only a hard place, but an uninteresting one at that. humanity is going nowhere right now, we’ve stopped making technological advances, we stopped exploring the universe. but humanity won’t stay this way, were all just going through some hard times, and those hard times WILL pass. i guarantee it. but in the mean time, try to think positive and do what makes you feel best. write a fanfic that’s based off of this comic. or write a different story, entirely based off of your imagination. again, it may not be what you want exactly, but its the next best thing.

you think your the only one!? the world is a mean place, and its leaders are either corrupt or are idiots. but this time has not come to stay, it has come to pass. your not the only fricken one that wishes to live in a different world, one that is peaceful and great, and is filled with adventure. you want this world to change? well its up to you and you alone to make this world and your life the way you want it. its up to you to make your dreams come true. so plz, stop getting depressed, stop getting angry, and instead be smart, and make your dreams a reality to the best of your ability. you do that and you let no one or nothing stand in your way. period.

I need to go away for a while, if you don’t hear from me till next spring, just assume that I am getting my head straight. seeing as how fall and winter aren’t very good seasons for me. please excuse me for that time, maybe have some good conversations while I’m gone, oh and thank you for listening an putting up with my Shit, the two of you RazorFox and Bostonianful . thanks for the advice.
P.S. do me a favor and don’t say “Goodbye”.

dude, just don’t do anything……well, you know what i mean. im freakin dealing with anxiety and depression right now, but i am going to make it and so will you. ya know why, because you came this far in life, you’ve endured so much, and you gotta know, that you need to pursue your dream, no matter what it may be. you want to create another world, then do the best you can to make it happen, no matter the odds, no matter the chances, you pursue your dream and you let nothing and no one stand in your way. were all going to make it, were all going to live. we are all going to make it! remember that.

I think I can sense a smell of strategy here. When one is angry, one makes mistakes. Maybe this is what Saph wants. Make the tigers angry enough accept Saph’s teasing and fall into a trap.

Interesting hypothesis. We’ll see if Saph’s plan, if one exists, is as intricate as you’re thinking… ~__^

Aye Chihuahua, that girl’s got some pipes! O_O
I can’t help thinking (or at least hoping) that this “call and response” might lead to each side learning a bit about the other’s language. Saph might be all gung-ho where impressing Lady Red is concerned, but since she was raised as a noncombatant in the dragon city, she’s probably never even killed for food. Meanwhile, Ennek has no personal vendetta against dragons as Kess does, and has voiced her disillusionment with the protracted war. The kicker here is Kenzi; if I remember correctly, she was one of those advocating killing Briella back in the Calera. Whatever happens, here’s hoping that pyromaniac doesn’t pop up to spoil things.

if by pyromaniac, you mean kighan, then no. she’s on the other side of the forest. so she won’t bother these three.

Is to hard to maybe ask for some pictures of akia 😛 not that…I admire her from afar…..err I mean I’m a big fan of hers…… (_-_) ok…I admit it sounds weird….but…she’s my “favorite” character…..and ps keep up the great work razor!

This page was posted September 20th. Today is October 8th.

September is 30 days long, so that means it has been 18 days since this page was posted. That is 2 weeks and 4 days. This friday, it will be 3 weeks.

three weeks sense his last update? wow. either he’s really busy or anime weekend, last’s a lot longer than a weekend. either way i have to ask, whats going on razorfox?

The new page is almost done. Patience, grasshoppers. And Anime Weekend Atlanta ran from September 26-28, plus a day for travel on each end. To borrow a phrase from our beloved Tigers, especially Kess, why in the blue hell would they call it “Anime Weekend Atlanta” if it lasted anything more than a weekend?

So relax. New stuff should be out real soon. ^__^;;

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