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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

So Kenzi‘s up a tree, but Ennek‘s the one going out on a limb.

Those of you looking for a soundtrack to this page can pull up “Peacekeeper” by Fleetwood Mac.

I want to thank fellow Katboxers MasterGodai and Nekonny for joining me at Anime Weekend Atlanta a short while back, along with the dozens of fans who came by to bid my adieu in my final AWA Artist Alley appearance!  We almost didn’t get tables this year, but got in by the skin of our teeth.  We thank AWA for granting us this opportunity to meet our fans and draw for them.  As always, I had an amazing time at the convention that will easily be the hardest one to say goodbye to.

Yes, I’m retiring from doing artist alley at conventions, and my final appearance in one will be next month at my hometown convention NekoCon in Hampton, Virginia.  I’d better see you there!

I also want to clarify what’s up.  I’m only retiring from artist alley.  After doing it for 16 years, I’ve decided I want to focus my energy in different ways.  I am not retiring from drawing, however, and as such, The Draconia Chronicles and any other projects I take on will continue to happen.  In fact, I’ll still attend conventions, though it’ll primarily be in the mid-Atlantic, and maybe just for a day to say hi to friends and any fans I might run into.  As AWA is the farthest one I travel to, it may be a while before I attend it again.  If you’re in the right place at the right time, though, you may still see me at cons like Katsucon, NekoCon, and Anime Mid-Atlantic, to name a few.

Again, not retiring from drawing or even from doing conventions.  Just not doing artist alley anymore.  That’s it.

So with that, I need to get back to work on the next page, and to keep chipping away at new art for the 2015 Draconia Chronicles Calendar.  More info on that coming soon.

Will Ennek get a chance to bridge the gap between Tigers and Dragons?  Or is Saph ready to “play?”  Stay tuned…

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



Wow. I wasn’t expecting another tiger to attempt communication again so soon, even though the dragons had initially attempted to talk instead of fight.

Believe it. Ennek might’ve realized that Kilani was onto something.

hey razorfox. glad to see that your back to working the comic and im really glad for it. but um……..i really hope you don’t take this the wrong way but uh…….is there something wrong with kenzi’s feet, in the top right panel? just asking. again, im sorry if i offended you in anyway by asking this.

No offense at all. Her feet are wider than the branches they’re on, so her unsupported toes curl down a bit. Next time you see a gymnast on a balance beam or an acrobat on a tightrope, check out their toes and you’ll see that they’ll conform to the surface beneath them, or more appropriately, the lack thereof. ^__^

A gymnast’s balance beam (at least, the Olympic ones) are 10 centimeters (3.9 inches) across.

Not many people (under six foot tall) have feet wider than that. Gymnast don’t normally rank among those who do. olympic swimmers, yes, but not gymnasts.

NO! Not Ennek! Not sweet, sweet Ennek!

We’ll see how it turns out. I’m sure she knows what she’s getting into…

If it were any OTHER Dragoness, I would think so. But this is Saph, the Rookie, the one dying to make a GREAT impression on Lady Red, the one who would probably happily bring forth a Tiger-Skin Rug to her superior.

I told you guys to say goodbye to her when we got her backstory, but nobody listens to me 🙁

ahhhh shit…The ONE time someone else tries peaceful negotiation, and its with the fangirling inexperienced dragoness, trying to impress someone by killing tigers. nnnot gonna end well

But for whom? Hmmm…

For both parties, really, Ennek will try peace, but Saph will get carried away with her aspirations, she’ll either fire immediately or get confused and think its a trap, attacking anyway. If she succeeds or not is up for debate but the damage will have been done.
And if Saph does attack, Ennek might get hurt and worse, lose faith in any communication attempts

ennek won’t lose faith in peace between the dragons and tigers. kilani wants peace with the dragons, not only so that she can coexist with them, but to just end the war. she’s sick of the chaos and destruction war brings. ennek is starting to feel the same way. saph wants to try to impress lady red, and what better way than to capture a tiger rather than killing one. if she’s smart enough, she will realize that. besides, im sure ennek can handle herself. she wouldn’t have gone out their otherwise.

I think I just found my second favorite Tiger…

Cool! Ennek, right? Who’s your first?

Kilani of course, what can I say I’m a man of peace 🙂

that makes two of us.

AAAAAAAAAAAAH, yes! Oh my god, what a risk Ennek is taking. I didn’t expect her to try it so soon *weaponless*, but wow she has guts. Good luck girl, let’s just hope Saph has a personal policy of not attacking unarmed people and remembers that first instead of getting carried away and attacking just to impress Red and fulfill her fantasies.

Then again…Red’s orders are to keep Ennek and Kenzi from rejoining the rest of the group. If she really wants to get into Red’s figurative pants, keeping Ennek and Kenzi occupied and away from the others works just as well. I just worry whether or not Saph has that much of her head on the ground instead of in a heated fog xD

All great points. We’ll see if by going into this empty-handed and unarmed, she’s seen as less of a threat. Stay tuned…

*JP* – Hey there, boys and girls! Let’s gather ’round the campfire, and play Sing Along with the Dragon! Starring everyone’s favorite blue, busty beauty, Briella! =D

>Cuts to shot of Briella with a guitar, sequined vest, and cowgirl hat=[

I hope this works out. maybe she get taken prisoner by saph and along the way they learn more about eachother once the language barrier is taken care of.`As the rookie saph is proabably more open minded than the others.

Meeting of Tiger and Dragon may end well for once. The Earth dragons are pacifists by nature. Only reason Saph’s along is because of Red, not because she wants to fight. The fantasy might be well and good, but in the face of a real tiger coming towards her, she will most likely be too afraid to do much. She’s not only younger than everyone else, but also a new recruit. But, if Saph does have the fortitude to attack Ennek, we’ve seen the tigress hold her own against her own squad, larger than her. Either way, this does have a decent chance of actually going well.

You know I hate to say this and you may hate me saying this I can see kilani as a sort of a wanting to be jesus character
a sacrificial lamb for peace great I hope kilani will not get killed for that in oscuras court dude people should choose there leaders wisly

I can absolutely see that, and I’ll admit that while most of the Jesus comparisons are coincidental, there may be one or two that aren’t accidents. I’ll let you figure out which ones, but just promise me you won’t build an entire religion around her. ^__^

If you can have a religion based on the worship of a bleeding Jew on a stick with a messianic complex, who’s been dead for over 2000 years (assuming he ever existed to begin with) become mainstream, then I see no real reason why you couldn’t build a religion around Kilani lol. XD

believe me Razor fox I won’t besides let’s talk about fun things well I am planning to make a draconia chronicles cartoon like fred perrys time raft wow Brittany’s hot in her were cheetah form

Well, if you’re gonna make a “Draconia Chronicles” cartoon, I’d hope you’d at least check with me first. You know, since I created it and all. ^__^;;

Ever since I first started reading The Draconia Chronicles back in 2005, I’ve always entertained the idea of it potentially becoming maybe not a full fledged animated series, but possibly a series of animated films, like the Gold Digger Time Raft film. Even had an interesting dream once about how it would look, but it’s been so long ago that I can’t remember much of it. If you should ever choose to make a feature film series based on your comic series, I would certainly support it. ^_^

hey do not worry I am just going to share them to you besides there is not going to be voice or sound effects
just like the old movies back in the 1920’s the first ones

Well, I do worry, since it’s my intellectual property. I’m okay with fan works which are done just for fun and not for profit, but if you’re doing anything for profit, I should hope to receive some royalties. Email me at the link above if you wish do discuss it further. Do the courteous thing and at least ask first.

(Some quote from the movie battleship) “Oh Boy, someone’s gonna kiss the ducky”….anyway….looks like she signed he own death wish :o, or she will single handedly put an end to the war (don’t think so)….so…as she walks to the Dragon….she gets ambushed by more dragons….and….wait for it XD (another random quote from the movie battleship) “let’s drop some lead on these mothers~) :)……….(go aika >.> <.<)

🙁 no likes my post….I has a sad now….worked hard on it too lol

No no no NOOOOO peace treaty damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE CAN ONLY BE WAR

easy panzer. go get blown up by an anti tank mine if you want war.

Tried it. bounced off. 😛

how can an anti tank mine bounce off? your on top of it. well in that case……….er………….go get stuck in a ditch. lol.

Modern tanks like the German Leopard-2a7, Italian Ariete, and Japanese Type-90, have thick belly plate welded onto the bottom for additional protection, that enables them to resist mine, and IED blasts quite easily. Same goes for the top of the hull, and turret, where reactive armor, is bolted on to enable them to shrug off bombs, and top attack missiles. As for getting stuck in a ditch, With the wide tracks, powerful engines, and advanced suspension systems tanks, and other tracked armored fighting vehicles have, that’s not likely to happen, unless a tank is operating over terrain which would be considered inhospitable for armored vehicles, tracked or otherwise, to be used on. 😉

Sticky bombs, and Sherman tanks, did absolute fuck all, against even the early war Panzer 4 tanks, let alone the masterpiece of armored vehicle engineering that were the Tiger and Panther tanks, and their various derivatives. That said, the early war Panzer 3 and 4 chassis made for EXCELLENT derivatives, such as the Hummel heavy self propelled howitzer, and the Wirbelwind self propelled anti aircraft gun. T-72 is a bloody brilliant tank, that has taken a bad rep because the “T-72’s” used by Iraqis during the first Gulf War, were generally inferior locally produced knock offs, like the Asad Babil, and Sadam tanks, with the Asad being BY FAR the worst T-72 variant EVER produced. this is even more damning, in light of the fact that the locally produced T-72 tanks Iraq had, were copies of what was essentially watered down, export junk, as the Soviets only saved the cream of their weapons for only their closest allies. The Asad Babil, and Sadam tanks,, were “downgrades of downgrades” if you will, who’s poor performance should not in any way reflect on the latest, and most advanced T-72 variant, the T-90ms, which is more than a match for even the latest American, and British tanks, like the M1a2 sep tusk ii Abrams, and Challenger 2 streetfighter. these videos should give a good idea of how shitty the American Sherman, and Iraqi Asad Babil tanks are. feel sorry for the poor crews that had to operate them. Sherman tank Asad Babil

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