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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

So now Ennek finds herself in a bit of a sing-off between herself and Saph.  Can this intrepid Tiger go toe-to-toe with our self-styled Dragon diva?  Stay tuned…

Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can pull up “Common Ground” by Rhythm Corps.

Behind the scenes, work is continuing on the 2015 Draconia Chronicles Calendar and preparation for NekoCon 17 in Hampton, Virginia, which will serve as my final foray into the Artist Alley.  So if you’re anywhere within the mid-Altantic, come on out to Hampton and celebrate the end of an era with me!  Oh, and you can pick up some sweet Draconia Chronicles swag while you’re there, including a new set of limited-edition convention-exclusive posters.  Hope to see you there!

Welp, back to work!  Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!




Next on Draconia Idol! Tiger VS Dragon Sing-off! Ennek’s attempt at “Come out to play” has inadvertently insulted Saph’s singing and her mother at the same time! Will this end well??? Will this end not well??? Heck, we don’t know! Stay tuned to find out!

Who’d be the Simon, Paula, and Randy here?

That’s right. Original judges FTW! ^o^

oh now come on, no way is gonna be that easy. is it? i mean sure they have a common song and i know saph will appeal to this rather than fighting. but i just know, someone somewhere is gonna show up and screw up everything, rather its another dragon, or kilani or…….someone. its gonna get crazy.

so long as Ennek dont sing “Desperado” im good. XD

two very bad singers… singing in different languages… representing two nations that are mortal enemies…

nope, nothing bad could come out of this.

I just realized the common thread between the tigers and dragons… foxes.

those damn foxes have been pulling the same tricks on both sides (like the same song or same melody for a song)

We already know those foxes have to manipulating the tigers and dragons to fight. It appears the tactics used are the same.

It’s a possibility, but we haven’t seen any evidence of a Fox or Foxes having any involvement in current matters. Anything could still happen, though…

Well, whatever happens next will either be good and open potential doors for survival and human/dragon relations… or end horribly, for having revealed herself. I wish her luck.

In the words of a certain unfortunate Jurassic Park technician… “Hold on to your butts…”

human/dragon relations? I see no humans here.

Aaaaaaaaaah, go, Ennek, go! 😀 Music: the universal language! X3 Oh man, this is great, can’t wait to see what happens. If this works, this would be a good start to changing some minds about each others’ species! The dragons don’t really view the tigers as “people” (if Khigan’s sentiment is popular amongst the citizens), but things will change when they realize the tigers have an actual complex culture and even a few things in common with their own.

I also love the very last panel. I could literally hear Ennek inhale to fill her lungs, and the second-long pause that I know comes right afterwards just adds to the tension. Heee, I love it!

I’m so glad the last panel worked! It’s not easy to show a character inhaling, and trying to figure out a sound effect for it is tough. I figured the lines and the overall context would illustrate it, and the fact that you recognized what she was doing there totally vindicates all the aggravation that panel put me through! Thank you! ^o^

Tbh Fox….it kinda looks like she getting ready to kiss someone :3 …not trying to be mean….and with all due respect…you 100x better at drawing then I am….any way…can’t wait to see akia (hint hint?)…..also…..are they going to start the Draconia all stars lol jkjk.

I’m sure Ennek will be genuinely flattered at the idea that she looks kissable. ^__^

Yay! Some effort at communication!

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