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Page 368 (For Real!)

Page 368 (For Real!) published on 44 Comments on Page 368 (For Real!)

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

So I decided to cut my retirement in Rio short after a certain benefactor‘s check didn’t clear.  So here I am, back in the states and working on the comic again.  Hi, everyone!

Has Kess‘ chop to Kighan‘s throat given her the upper hand?  Stay tuned…

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!  ^__^



First time I’ve ever said this, but she had it coming.

Also, some of the less intelligent dragons keep forgetting about the primal instincts the tigers have

Especially those with a strike reflex whenever anyone grabs her shoulder. ^__^

i knew that shoulder grab reflex was gonna come in handy sooner or later. now all kess has to do is get out of their. as for kighan, well she isn’t going to be able to yell for a while, i wonder how she’ll explain this to her superiors? nice work razor. its good to have you back from april fools. keep it up the good work.

I honestly hope Kess kills Kighan. I was always on the side of tigers, but this dragon is the only one I want to see die.

You don’t think there’s any hope for her redemption?

I don’t want to see her redeemed. Granted Kess is no holy angel of tigers. She is full of hate too but I get why. Her behavior is that of someone scared of creatures more powerful than herself and she has to fight.
Kighan’s behavior is that of spiteful child out to burn ants with a magnifying glass because she was bitten once. Maybe I am forgetting something in her past that may explain her behavior but I really don’t like that dragon.

So your not retiring. oh man I just made a comic script.

Yeah, things in Rio had to be eighty-sixed due to a bounced check. Turns out those giant novelty checks they present on telethons are not honored by Candystar’s bank. My bank, on the other hand, gave me the benefit of the doubt. I’ll have to research that in advance next time. In the meantime, yeah, you’re stuck with me here. ^__^

So are you making the dragons out to be the bad guys here since this kind of thing normally only happens to a villain when having a gloat/monologue session?

Well, Kighan was guilty of monologuing here, so I guess she left herself open to it. My goal, however, is not to paint any entire side as bad buys or good guys. I leave it to the reader to decide which side’s the one to root for. That also leaves room for characters on each side who could be seen as either heroic or villainous, depending on the reader’s perspective. I didn’t intend for Kighan to come out as a villain, but rather as just a Dragon who delights in making Tiger lives miserable. ^__^

Why is th I.V hooked up to that specific spot on Briella?

That’s not an I.V., it’s a catheter tube. She can’t walk, after all, not with those legs, so going to the bathroom in a proper facility is out.

Puffball’s got it!

Soooo… if that’s a catheter, it’s a bit…um… off-center. Which leads me to ask, do the dragons wear some sort of body suit? It looks like it needed to be pulled aside. Also, their breasts look a bit constrained like those front scales are a one-piece of some kind. Can you clear this up for me?

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