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Oh great! We see most sane and calm earth dragon become insane or “unstable”. After that I think Red don’t expect ‘any’ cooperation from Eone. And again earth dragons treated like a dirt (no pun intended). “Oh Eone you must win points with our queen without questining her behavier because she see you as lower beings and this help cause of your people”. Now I just say that I not consider anymore Red a competent commander or “Hero”.

Seems being a priestess isn’t just a job, as much it is part of a caste system. They have to be perfectly stoic to connect to the deity of their element, who is essentially an embodiment of said element. Also, Meta isn’t showing emotion (in this case, fear) out of instability, she’s showing it because she’s afraid of her cellmate.

“Afraid of her cellmate”!? You’re must be kidding! Why!? Meta don’t know anything about Xhianil. I doubt that Meta know that Xhianil throwed into jail because she bite Fueganna. Also if connection is severed who be priestess now or where guarantee that Earth goddess not go into rampage and cause dunging earthquake that devour city into stone and dirt!?

She’s afraid of her cellmate due to Ember literally saying that Xhianil bites others in their necks, and it can be gathered that since she’s in jail for it, it was serious. Meta is showing fear for her life from Xhianil, as well as showing emotion at all, having to repress it for so long. As for other priestesses, I’d guess there were lay members, but Meta being the one for her element, as Schaddig is the one for hers. Why else would they pull her away from her busy palace schedule when someone could do it just as easily?

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