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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Welp, my little break is over and Chapter Eight is upon us.  Has Tam’syn found some lost souls?  Stay tuned…

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Correct me if I’m wrong but is this the first time we’ve seen this type of vision power before? I could imagine it being the Tiger equivalent to dragon magic just not as wide spread between tigers.

We last saw something like this waaaaay back on page 18, published 14 years ago. It was a story element we’d planned on making a recurring thing but it didn’t pan out that way. Figured I’d give it another go. ^__^ Check it out at

Speculation/Theory/Hypothesis time, with complimentary word wall.
Kilani told Tam’syn in her first vision (Page 18) that she would know what to do when the time was right, referring on how to achieve peace. This current second vision shows her helping a dragon (Gaia, now oddly sporting a red right arm) free herself from under some rubble. Could be a symbol that Tam’s helping her from death, in freeing her from the earth covering her.

Tam exclaims that Gaia seems alive. Gaia, seemingly in a good mood, with no physical marks other than her lack of horns, responds “Head don’t move” which could mean she’s ‘alive’ in that her spirit is still bound to her head, and in “Head don’t do”, when Tam’syn is being handed Gaia’s head by her sister Ashaki (who has the burn on the side of her face where Inyx electrocuted her), both with a smile on their faces (Gaia’s much larger), could mean that Tam’syn needs to reunite the body with the head, so the owner of the Head can ‘do’ something, since a head can’t do anything on its own.

Which leads me to a possible conclusion. Kilani in the first vision said Tam’syn would know what to do, and the second vision has Ashaki giving her something to do, which is the means to peace Kilani said. Gaia, in whatever form she returns, is a, or the key point to ending the war, along with Tam’syn, being able to communicate with the other side.

A very interesting hypothesis!

Thanks. Took a bit of mind-bending to fit everything together.
Just a bit of afterthoughts:
Tam pulling her out of the earth (freeing her spirit) and being given the task of putting her together again (reforming her physical form) might lead to a literal resurrection for Gaia in the end. (Uniting body and spirit) Loessa/Luasa has been needing a new champion since Meta was forcefully cut off. Tam’syn on the tiger side, Gaia, back whole, on the dragon’s. Could show the goddess’ dual nature with two champions for peace.

Weird, very weird. This dream or vision remind me of some movie about aztecs. In that movie to protagonist in dream comes warrior of his tribe with cut out heart and holding it. And while heavy breathing this warrior says only one thing “Run” cue invasion in the village of protagonist in real world. I still consider this scene disturbing and this page clearly remind me of it.

But what this vision says indeed? Maybe this is intervention of powerful entities or may Tam soon open in her unusual powers for tiger? This truly begin turning tide to very interesting side.

Uhh, wait, isn’t it July 4th already?

In a few days. Just another Thursday to our furry and scaly friends, though.

Wow, It seems like this dream is a bit more harder to understand if it’s another vision.

But Kilani wasn’t dead back then. While Gia and her sister are. If this is a vision, does this mean the living and dead have a hardy time conveying ideas to the living in it? Or whatever is trying to tell her something is limited by the state of the mind they’re trying to communicate with?

What is it with tigers and smoking the heavy stuff? Can’t stick just ANYTHING into the peace pipe these days…

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