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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

Looks like Kess and Aika have dueling motivations. Whose will shall prevail? Stay tuned…

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After taking such huge losses from the eruption, just from that alone it’s doubtful Kiriad and/or Scyde will give the crew a battalion. Maybe a few volunteers. I’d personally like for everyone to head back to camp so the splinter pack can touch base with friends and family. Ennek and Tshila especially can comfort each other, same for Aika, Rula, and Kanti.

Also, yeee, we get to see Kiriad’s mom! :3

Long post incoming.
>Both have points, and poor phrasing. The crew is injured. If they’re caught doing their plan, good chance the palace staff will finish the job. But going in with a large battalion will force the entire dragon military to rise against them, and they won’t have trees as advantage this time. Instead of asking for an army, should ask Kiriad how she got out, since she was held by Oscura personally. Might have some insight.
>Kiriad and Tshila playing it all safe makes sense out of caution and motherly instinct, respectively, but what Scyde does is anything but. Not only arguing policy with the Princess many times, but also murdering defenseless prisoners for no reason other than difference of species.

What about they let tamsyn and her friend go to princess kiriad than sends a minimum group of her best warriors like marines or the navy seals along with scyde and start a diversion of three groups in the palace ten in each group they could start a fire somerwhere in the palace making a huge room burn as a diversion than they while the palace staff hurry to where the incident is Some of the tigers can hit and run in the shadows striking
and stabbing with there spears blades cutting with there scyth they broke the lanterns first in the labrynth halls start a hall fire than the guards flapped there wings the spring out of the shadows fighting to the death in the different hallways in the palace than kiriad and kess rescue kilani .
a night raid in the palace

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