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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

Did half of “Team Kess” just join “Team Aika?”

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>Seems no one believes that sneaking into the palace is a good idea, and rightly so. When your enemy can see in the dark and feel the tremors of your steps, not much you can do. Kess being a loudmouth doesn’t help, but height may.
>Also, Good to see Naisha standing up for Ennek, even positioning herself physically between them and her. Shows she cares.
>While Shie and Riah have their own reasons for the palace raid, being burned and blinded, respectively, maybe they can talk Kess out of reckless heroism.
>We also get to hear about the other side to Tshila. We know her as the ‘mom’ character, but she’s also top strategist to the ruler. Would be interesting to see what she has to say about the two different plans.

Keen observation on Naisha’s positioning. And if we get to see Tshila in the main story, we might also get to see Cree and Tyree meet Aunt Ennek! ^__^

If it does go that direction, assuming no more random dragon attacks, will it be the first time Ennek has met her nieces?
If so, and assuming some minor info is canon (holiday 2013), Ennek and Tyree will really hit it off.
It’ll do both Tshila and Ennek good to reunite regardless, considering they’ve both had terrible losses recently. Might lift both their spirits seeing family.

There’s a certain degree of canonicity to the holiday specials, so it sounds like Ennek and Tyree have met at some point, or else, Tyree wouldn’t want to grow up to be just like her. As for the relationship between Ennek and her sister Tshila, maybe we’ll find out… ~__^

Every time Kess yells “Traitor!” it loses a little bit of its meaning, at this point shed probably call you a traitor if you just looked at her wrong.

Kess, please. C’mon, sweetheart. I know you think it looks like Aika’s upstaging you and taking all your friends away, and I know you don’t want Aika to be right about anything cuz you hate her guts, but … you know she has a point. No one’s abandoning you, sweety, just go *with*!

Not gonna lie, I honestly thought Kess would go with them. Everyone would be able to touch base, smooth some ruffled fur, think a little, and THEN do some epic heroing. But nooo, she has to hold onto her grudges instead.

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