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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

So Raz and Roh didn’t exactly get off on the right foot. Will some head skritches do the trick? Stay tuned…

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Seriously. Is everyone still on that? It feels like it’s almost been 9 years and yet for some reason everyone acts like it’s only been a month, or the last few days. Also, I’m pretty sure she just bribed them with those head scratches.

There’s something different about him, but I can’t put my finger on it. 🤔 Oh wait that’s right! It’s how you draw him and his expressions now! It feels more higher quality than what you did in the past. You actually improved, Razor. 😎😁 I’m honestly surprised you didn’t try to mention that in your descriptions.

Thanks so much! I personally love watching an artist’s style evolve, including my own, though I don’t like to call attention to it. This is just what Roh and Raz look like when drawn in 2020 as opposed to how they were drawn in 2011. I really appreciate the feedback, though. Thanks again for the kind words!

I second that! The shift has been gradual and really hard to point to when things changed exactly, but that’s part of what makes it come alive. It’s those subtle touches that show you really care, and we all deeply appreciate the effort!

Aww, shucks, you’re too kind! Usually, changes are incremental and often unintentional, such that I won’t notice a change unless I put two pieces side by side and compare. There are some occasions, though, where I’ll start drawing a particular feature differently on purpose when I realize an old way doesn’t work anymore. Most recently, I deliberately retooled the characters’ eyes and eyebrows so that they could convey emotions more prominently. I really like what it’s done for everyone, and I absolutely love it when other people notice things like that! ^o^

Lol, Roh’s a simple male. Apology accepted with some simple head scritches. I’ve always liked Roh, I’m just still deathly curious as to how he feels about Ennek. I mean, yeah, he’s obviously enjoying his relationship with Aika and sticks up for her, I’m just dying to know if it was for the right reasons. Having only Aika and Ennek’s perspectives aren’t enough. I need Roh’s, and then I need the truth.

Guess she found that spot he can’t ever quite reach himself…

That makes Raz his new hero!

Starting to question the mental faculties of select characters.
Aika is supposedly the one Roh chose to be solo and steady with, leaving all the others behind. She gets a beating from Raz after insulting her, Mabel, and their entire lost village. Who were wiped violently yesterday. Roh steps in to stop the fight on behalf of Aika, protecting her as her solo mate.
Now, Raz gives him a head scratch and apologizes for a beating Aika actually deserved. Which puts them on good terms? Neutral, avoidant terms possibly, considering his stance in the prior fight. Wouldn’t think much further though.

You think that’s all there is to Roh? Tsk, tsk.

I’m not so sure the males of dragons or tigers are as ‘simple’ as the females think.

The dragons apparently left the females to their own devices when ‘the war’ started, left the females to their ‘violent nature’, (a definite switch of the ‘normal’ roles in human society) and the only one we’ve seen seems the be the exception to that.

Roh is the only tiger male we’ve seen very much of and there is obviously more to him than the tigresses associated with him know.
He acts so simple when the females are around, but I’m beginning to think HE’S the master manipulator when it comes to the relationship matters.

If it wasn’t for the foxxes (vixens?) and their “coven”, I’d suspect the tigers and male dragons were the ‘background power brokers’ in this story.
It would truly be astonishing if the males of the ‘warring parties’ were actually working together to end the war and were frustrating the foxxes’ (vixens?) efforts.

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