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Well, Rula‘s certainly got some interesting ways to spice up a romantic encounter. Will Raz‘s solution to Ennek‘s mating dilemma go off without a hitch? Stay tuned…

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What happened to the assertive Naisha from the rest of the story? She felt bad for forcing Ennek into any sexual act with her and Rula, but now she’s being forced into another one. If she wants Ennek as she’s shown many times, she’s still within catching distance. Time to prove your worth. Carpe Occasio!

As for Raz, quite the underhanded tactics. Get back at Aika, throwing whoever gets in her way under the metaphorical bus. Might be adult, or close to it, physically, but mentally still very much a child.

Keen observation, though Raz and Ennek now have an intersecting need. It’s hard to be picky when you’re in a pinch!

Raz’ “need” is petty revenge, and Ennek’s “need” is honoring a deal she hated to make. It’s a petulant child and someone too noble for her own good.
Why someone like Naisha, a third party with some sense, has reason to intervene. To take what she wants, by force if necessary. Tigers do show affection by physical reaction after all.

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