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So is this how blind dates happen in the Tigers’ society?

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Interesting that they respect the males enough that they’re actually allowed to say ‘no’ to who they mate with. Since I thought the males here were only as smart as horses and weren’t truly sapient.

Also, it doesn’t change anything from their own view, but that both tigers and dragons have humanoid females and quadruped males suggest they started out somewhere on the same evolutionary line: IE, they’re both native to this planet they’re on.

Raz is nearing neutron star levels of dense. Doesn’t even know Ennek’s name, goes onto body-shaming her, then tries to coerce someone monoamorous to mate with her. All despite Ennek not giving her enthusiastic consent for anything involved and being forced to go through with it regardless of how she feels on the matter. Sounds a bit like forced violation by proxy.

Hoping Roh has the mental capacity and moral compass to realize when something’s very wrong. That Ennek doesn’t want to, and he shouldn’t cheat on his steady relationship with Aika. Is one session worth losing countless long term?

Well considering how new tigers are in need I don’t think Aika is really going to mind, as long as they pull the “for the greater good” pitch.

It was way more than just Ennek. If the history is true, then he had a harem, as all the males do. Ennek has even said she got along with them. Then, one day, before Ennek got to join the rest, Aika comes along and takes him for herself, and they’ve been one on one ever since. And he seems to be content in that relationship as he’s come to her defense on at least one occasion, a hallmark of tiger affection. Like we’ve seen with Naisha and Ennek, as well as with Kilani and Cinder. If he values that relationship more than he did the rest of his mates, then he should know better, despite any amount of Raz coercion.

Oh, it’s tempting, oh so tempting for Roh. Since I don’t know Roh all that well, anything could happen! As a reader, I’ll be pleased either way :3 Lol, Raz is so eager, though. Must be the spring fever xD

Those two were a couple at one time, if I am not mistaken. Until Aika swept in and took him for herself.

Ennek *isn’t* a sexy Tigress!? The %&$# is she on about???

*Ahem* Apologies for the outburst; Ennek is just my favorite Tiger character besides Kilani herself. Who cares about boobs or biceps when you’re compassionate and adorable (especially when she blushes)?

I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to hear that! Each culture has its own standards of beauty, and for Tigers, big cats like Scyde and Shie are the most sought-after with mid cats like Aika, Raz, Rula, and Naisha coming in a close second. As Ennek’s physique is rather “lacking” by their standards, she might not get as much attention as some of her larger, more muscular counterparts.

Heh…that reminds me of a fanfiction story I read a while back set in the Lord of the Rings universe. It featured an uruk-hai (man/orc hybrid) and a human woman escaping the flooding of Isengard. The woman was heavily scarred by what she endured there; since mannish culture often considers scars “ugly,” she viewed herself as such, and worried no-one would offer her love or companionship. By contrast, orcish culture–with its emphasis on martial prowess–viewed scars as highly attractive, and as they traveled together the uruk quickly found himself falling for her beauty. 😉

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