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It officially blows (chunks) to be Cinder right now, and now it looks like Pyra batting cleanup. Their night just keeps getting worse!

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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While time is of the essence to evade further guard interruptions, Kilani may want to make an effort not to jostle Cinder too much in her current state.
Especially since, if memory serves, they’re still a-ways up in the palace, if the sign by Pyra is anything to go by. Might want to take another route to the infirmary.

Welp, time for the nurse to sterilize the whole place again once they reach the infirmary :V

In all seriousness, though, poor Cinder! It’s either food poisoning from the steak sharing, or she just plain got sick from being out for so long with barely any sleep dealing with a very stressful day and her immune system has HAD it.

Pyra’s definitely not cleaning that up xD

This is quite a sight! Pyra has just arrived on the scene and what does she see? Captive tiger carrying the ill captain of the fire dragons down the hall on her back. Pyra is probably about to hear the tall tale of a lifetime from Cinder while also trying her level best to comprehend the situation. What will the dragoness do next?

Also, does anyone have a mop?

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