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Even Her Majesty needs a dress rehearsal. What do you think she’s going to say to Kilani?

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Except she isn’t. This tigress is already dead. She’s done. Kaput. The end. This is all just formality to her. She doesn’t give a damn. She isn’t going to squirm. She isn’t going to cower in terror. She’s already accepted her death. She’s screwed over the queen in ways she can’t even comprehend!

No. Their language grew organically. It evolved to suit its conditions and situation. It allows for adaptability.

‘Tigers are simple.’ as a group of tigers are engaging in a complex web of alliances, favors, and goals within goals.

Kilani seems more concerned with Cinder’s wellbeing than her own predicament. Which is being covered in potentially flammable fluids. Shows she cares.

As for the cultural difference, it’s like a real-world comparison of the Romans and any tribal society they considered barbarians around the empire.
Considered weaker by them, yet often had an equally functional society, albeit smaller and aesthetically different. And were able to sack Rome a few times.

Oscura’s putting on quite a show.

Like an actor, before a live performance, she is rehearsing her lines time and again while radiating an aura of omnipotence before her audience. What is she trying to do?

She knows what she wants and should focus on that. Instead, Oscura is trying to seem like a goddess, tall and terrible, as if her breath alone could kill Kilani. Oscura may be the dragon kingdom’s ruler with a lot of power at her fingertips, but I don’t think she is ready for the spotlight yet. Her lack of coordination hints that her confidence could be faltering.

In the meantime, Cinder has reached the infirmary with Kilani’s help and is thankful. Kilani, despite being covered in vomit, is unphased. She is more concerned about Cinder’s well-being than the stain on her fur. The two had a memorable night which is only just beginning.

Let’s not forget the looming threat of a tiger attack with Scyde and her troops coming right to Oscura’s front door. Still, I wonder.

Could Kilani’s willingness to help a dragon in distress without a hint of the bias we’ve seen from both sides be used in her favor? If so, it could help her immensely when word reaches Oscura’s ears.

You know on the queen thinks she is civilized She committed crimes against the gods one of the most sacred law is murder I saw how she treats her subjects still hold a grudge of what she did to an earth dragon plus I have a hard distrust feeling with Elektra and scyde you know there was a wise teacher said this love your enemies walk a mile with them or two if you have too So I am trying to forgive the three of them it takes time but it
is worth it. I will pray for kess and oscura that they will both change there wicked ways and have regret later on and wake up on not be blinded by hate break the chains of hatred there I said it.

So the queen here is going to use this big amazing speech. But doesn’t realize this tiger is completely suicidal and doesn’t care about death at all. And honestly The reason why I think she’s so mad it’s not just because she had her child stolen. It’s because it made her look bad in front of her people. I know she has her Queenly duties. But look how little time she spends with her own child. She’s more concerned with creating a spectacle. Then simply just offing the tiger.

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