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Has Doctor Kasai uncovered the cause of Cinder‘s ills? Stay tuned…

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You’ve said before that she’s the polar opposite of Lucis and a bit more freeform when it comes to doctoring. Hoping that means she adheres more to helping the patient than any crown loyalty. Especially now.
Though it has me wondering. If she’s keyed into that once thought of rare of incidents so quickly if she’s been in this situation before. Perhaps she even had a tryst of her own in her youth.

And the game is up. Cinder’s been found out.

Doctor Kasai has gotten straight to the point. Something you would expect for someone of her profession. Regardless, Cinder doesn’t seem willing to give up the truth of what happened inside the royal suite. The guilt visible on her face says this quite plainly.

Kasai asks for honesty from her patient. Cinder may not be ready to admit to something that could be a danger to herself and Kilani. But if Kasai is willing to hear about an event that many dragons would consider taboo, it may be best she hears it instead of anybody else.

This could be Cinder’s best chance to have the matter settled in secrecy instead of becoming public knowledge.

Then again, what about Kasai’s fellow doctors Eleni and Chala? Those two have heard more than enough to begin spinning theories of their own. Hopefully, they know how to keep a secret.

As for their singing, is it a tune that will be the soft sonata of safety or a symphony of sorrow for our dragon and tiger duo?

Welp tigers out of the bag. Wait there’s a medical treatment process for this.
Also why is she sick from doing the dirty with the tiger last time I checked tigers don’t really have any special properties and zero magic of their own. Are you telling me that the sexual fluids of tigers are that dangerous to dragons. When compared to the liters of blood They Probably have covered in. Do tigers carry A harmful STD it only affects dragons. If so there goes my fantasies

Id still say its a allergic reaction of some sort, they can onset that fast, the higher the exposure the faster. I don’t know if it would be directly to tigers though, they have enough tiger pelts in various places that it would seem she would have some into at least passing contact, enough to possibly not feel well. As gruesome as it is someone had to skin those pelts so i think a pathogen of some sort is unlikely, possible, but with the speed and that there has been skinning, and well fighting is its self bloody work at times, id assume it would be more common knowledge. Personally as a guess, with how the doctor is making this sound uncommon, but something she is aware of, its more likely something common to a tigers environment, compared to the dragons, pollens come to mind though it could be to anything.

Interesting hypotheses…

I got pretty bad allergies my self, all year round sadly, so I’m definitely familiar with rapid onset, though most of them are sinus issues, a few can be upper respiratory issues in general, and one is Anaphylactic in nature, the up side is it usually takes a lot of exposure to the common major source of that allergy, cigarette’s, and generally i get a mild response if I over do it around smokers, however I’ve been down wind of some type of clove cig for less then a couple mins and had symptoms as if id been on a car trip with chain smokers for a hour. Honey though, i have serval pollen allergies, honey is my bane, I can stomach ipecac enough that they had to dose me twice, but a little bit of crystalized honey in some Theraflu once and yep nope.

I wasn’t shipping the pair, but i did hope for them to come out the other side of everything at least on good terms all things considered, but given the queen trying to build up a speech, I see three major possibilities, 1. some level of resolution that doesn’t result in death but will likely still carry a price. 2. some grand plan, possibly involving yet more brain washing, that she wants known before she enacts it, I mean shes been okw ith altering her own kids memories. or 3. she’s just that sort that has to gloat before a kill.

Welp the world building continues, giving me more insight. A biological incompatibility like this, such as a severe allergic reaction to bodily fluids, or even worse, may answer Part of why they started hating each other in the first place.

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