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Blue gets Kilani all cleaned up, but has Pyra discovered the dirty truth? Stay tuned…

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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I’m kinda surprised they teach kids to speak the language of the enemy. You want to keep your enemy as ‘other’ as possible. Teaching their language has strategic value to soldiers, but for the general populace it might make them see the enemy more as possible, something you never want.

Nice to see Kilani getting some more pampering, though I find it a bit funny that Blue’s treating her like a dog at the groomers, calling her docile and scratching her ears. Wonder if Pyra’s gonna confront Cinder about her potential realisation. All in all, another favourite page of mine ^_^

If Pyra (and seemingly everyone else, even Oscura) doesn’t know Tigerian, and Blue’s almost fluent, might not be a bad time to get some info from Kilani in her own words, and not in broken Draconic. Blue might even be on Kilani’s side if Chuki is brought up, considering the name’s meaning.

So Kilani is getting the clean-up she needed after her nighttime escapade. Good for her. She likes it too, a lot.

As for Blue, she’s getting the feel of tiger fur for the first time on a live tiger. Kilani’s reactions amuse the dragoness, and I dare say that I see a potential bond forming between them, although not on the same level as Kilani/Cinder.

Meanwhile, Pyra cautions her bath mate about getting too close to the tigress. She seems only half serious about it. But, as those words leave her lips… A revelation! She has made a link between the tigress and Cinder’s illness. This will undoubtedly lead to the truth about what went on behind closed doors that night being exposed.

I see both sides of the story being related almost simultaneously. Cinder to Dr. Kasai and Kilani to Pyra and Blue. The plot grows ever deeper…

Guess we know Pyra’s favorite vulgarity

LOL! That little speech quirk of hers began by accident. The first time I ever gave Pyra any substantive dialogue, one of the first things she said was “Hot shit!” Shortly thereafter, I decided it would be fun to work that word into her dialogue as a normal part of her speech. Whenever feasible, I try to have her use it up to once per panel in hopes that someone will play a drinking game with it. ^o^

Lol, Blue is so excited to be able to use what she knows on the real deal, and thankfully a cooperative one! Welp, Pyra put two-and-two together :V

Doesn’t quite seem like an allergic reaction as it is just different bacterial flora from one adversely affecting the other. Difference in immune systems, too, since Kilani isn’t even mildly symptomatic.

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