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Is Cinder busted, or will Kilani protect her friend? Stay tuned…

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Kilani may just tell the truth of that small time frame. Blue can’t translate information she doesn’t know.
At the time of Pyra’s abandonment of post, Kilani was explaining in animal sounds how her people describe the different dragons, by color and horn type.
Everything should be fine, barring Red not doing what other dragons in power tend to do and emotionally manipulate Blue into probing further.

Get ready to talk, Kilani!

So we finally have a name to put to Cinder’s illness. The Stripes.

Pyra is telling Lady Red that whatever happened between Cinder and Kilani led to the dragoness coming down with the illness. Lady Red now wants an explanation from our resident tigress. Oh, and Blue will be the honorary translator. This promises to be a long and tiring night.

However, this puts Kilani under pressure as she knows how Cinder got ill in the first place. Well, sort of. Regardless, she will have to tell probably one of the most lurid tales in history.

Lady Red, Pyra, and Blue are all ears and are eager to hear what went down between Cinder and Kilani that night.

Alright, Kilani, the spotlight is now on you.

On the other hand, we don’t know what “The Stripes” are. Dr. Kasai (and Pyra) DO know something about it. So what is it exactly? We will need an explanation of the disease from Dr. Kasai herself.

Paging, Dr. Kasai…

LOL it tickles me how Lady Red really did *not* notice how Saph changed up her hair to imitate Red’s xDD. She’s so clearly not interested despite Eone telling Red to her face that Saph is smitten with her. Or just dense as a brick lol.

And yaaaay, this time we won’t have a failure to communicate! :3 Can’t wait for this!

It occurs to me that this might be one of the causes of the war. The tigers carry an illness they’re immune to, but dragons are susceptable to, and the dragons thought it was a deliberate attack. Kinda like how Vikings could digest lactose and AFN couldn’t and thought the vikings were trying to poison them.

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