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Sounds like something that got lost in translation just got found!

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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I was wondering do you think shaleigh is stirring this time

And finally, the miscommunication song comes to light. Wonder how the tune is the same in the first place, maybe some sort of creation by the tigers and dragons of long ago that changed over time. Good luck with PR, Red.

you know my favorite dragons are cinder blue gaia meta and eone there wonderful on the tigers view like tamsyn raz and kilani also ennek plus mabel

Could go several routes. The truth in some manner, that she did what she partly because she cares, partly she wants to be accommodating as possible per the queen’s order, and I’m sure a small part curious how it would be with a tiger that’s shown no hostility to her (probably omitting that last bit in the report). Or spin it that nothing happened, and Cinder just picked up some illness in the forest. Using some dragon logic, there are a lot of tigers there, full of germs, and since Cinder was directly in contact with one for a long time (like when Kilani shielded her, or on the flight back). Or some other way that won’t make her look like a traitor.

Either way, great seeing Blue again since the beginning of the comic. Like her personality, no problems washing and conversing with a tiger, but bad language immediately sends her to blushing.

The “Draconia Lane” continuity really helped to define Blue’s personality where her prim, proper demeanor serves as the counterbalance to the rowdy Elektra. I should note that Blue had no problem hearing Pyra’s word of choice, but when Blue is asked to use such language herself, that’s when she gets a little reluctant. ^__^

The dragons have heard the lyrics to Kilani’s chords and they’ve sown discord in the group.

They recognize the song as a lullaby they all have heard before and it sickens them to know its made its way into the mouths of their enemies with an erotic twist. None more so than Lady Red who promptly calls Kilani a “dirty tiger”. Red is also conveniently ignoring the fact that the Dragons have a laundry list of their own problems.

Pyra calms the group reminding them that if word gets out about how one of their captains got ill after being intimate with a Tiger it will shatter all of the hard work they’ve put in to getting to their current position. Putting them in danger of sharing the same fate as the once renowned Lightning Dragons.

They may discover that secrets never stay buried and those you try to cover only magnify the fallout when they are exposed.

As for their cover story writer….

kicks Razorfox into the room Have fun! locks the door

I don’t really know if this is some long devised Lore building, or just a fun coincidence to sow light conflict, but it makes it seem to me that there’s some old history to the origin of this melody that used to exist across both societies, but then was separated once the War began, and over time the meanings and lyrics developed different takes while the tune remained the same. It all points more to a possible ancient past where Tigers and Dragons coexisted.

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