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With Kess‘s plan unexpectedly getting nixed, is Kilani doomed? Stay tuned…

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Don’t think Shie is over showing mercy, as she is exacting a sense of personal vendetta, against those that hurt her and Riah. Though, Chiara got some payback for her mom against them in the jail, whatever it is she did.
Thus showing how personal vendetta are what keep this pointless war going.
Though it would be interesting if Shie decided not to kill Chiara on sight, seeing the resemblance of Azure, the dragon kill she regrets and what started her on her ideas of mercy. Could be an effort to stopping the conflict.

Hey razor fox got some of the 3d models on twitter on message for you. And back to the draconia here is there is alway,s the wall that is opened when the lava metled it a good place for a tiger assault to come and raid pillage and plunder the city . let the battle of planet draconnia begin. Well here is the truth I don,t care about Kess and oscura I hope they fall in a draw like I played in the street fighter game both players got defeated at the same time.

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