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Have Kess and company made an unlikely new ally? And is Shaleigh going all in against Her Majesty Queen Oscura? Stay tuned…

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Shaleigh is desperate for allies after being kicked out by Oscura, and getting reprimanded by her conclave superior. Which, if she’s grounded for voyeurism, she’s liable to be executed for teleporting three armed tigers into the palace. Can’t mess with the war.

Also, didn’t think I’d say it, but Kess has a point. What makes her trustworthy now, when she got them tortured a day ago, and wants to not only openly embarrass their princess, but wanted for her and her bodyguard to be captured and tortured instead.
Not to mention the trap she’s taking them to, since Kilani was guarded by just Cinder when Shaleigh left. Now, her guard’s been replaced with a water dragon, a palace guard, and the fire general herself. She hasn’t considered the guard would change, or is that part of the plan?

Either way, she’s clearly not on their side, if she even has a side in all this. Considering p11 calling her a wild card, and p224 mentioning her tangled web of plots.

With their former entrance into the kingdom literally barred, Shaleigh has made her presence known to Kess and co. with an offer to help them enter the dragon Kingdom undetected and rescue Kilani. Kess isn’t willing to put herself and her companions in the paws of one who has gotten them in trouble with the Dragons. But the fox assures them that she will help in their mission and get a chance to make Oscura see red.

Sounds tempting, but is it worth the risk of trusting a person whom you’ve only seen once and has gotten you into the hands of your enemies? Maybe. And what about Kilani? She has been treated like a royal guest thus far while awaiting her appearance before Oscura’s court. Plus, will Kilani, after learning of her adoptive daughter’s presence be [i]willing[/i] to leave if and when Kess and company finally reach her?

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