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Will there be a new captain of Her Majesty’s Royal Palace Guard soon? And who’s behind that ominous little shadow in the corner? Stay tuned…

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Red seems to take pride in proving herself not only to be a terrible individual by ordering the arrest and ripping of magic from Meta, but now blackmailing Cinder into quitting and possibly setting up her replacement as a pawn for future plans.
She also seems to be a terrible liar. What if Oscura asks for the object, or asks how Kilani was even captured possessing it? Since in the past with Sombrana, we’ve seen that close proximity disables magic and even flight.
Not a good look for Red in either regard, even worse with both, but I’m sure she’ll come out looking spotless or better in the end though. Seems to be the way for her.

Hoping Blue can salvage this. Might turn into a major player here, considering her neutrality.
She and Kilani are having a full cordial conversation, and in the process of learning the truth of Lumina, instead of the propaganda. She can probably hear Red’s conspiracy as well, so might have a hand in saving Cinder should she choose.

Hold on a minute. Isn’t this the room where Oscura and her court were sitting a few pages ago?

Well, regardless, We see Red and Pyra coming up with a brilliant cover story for the “incident” between Kilani and Cinder earlier while discussing the Captain’s dishonorable discharge from her post. Pyra is getting some praise from Lady Red on how she handled the whole situation even going as Red puts it “above and beyond”. Meanwhile Blue and Kilani are conversing in the corner and the dragoness is now hearing the truth of what went on that fateful day when Lumina fell into Kilani’s hands.

Blue is riveted by Kilani’s tale and in the future she could serve as an ally in times of trouble. I’m rooting for her.

Speaking of which, that shadow growing on the wall means that a certain fox and a trio of tigers are about to make their appearance. Beware…

Dunno if I like Red’s gameplan, sounds like it could crumble at the slightest poke, though to be fair to her she’s running fairly low on sleep. Poor Cinder though, an attempt at comfort results in losing her job, that “never lets emotion dictate her actions” mantra seems to have been left to govern on its own, with no room for exception.
The shadows there seem to foreshadow (heh.) a bloody outcome.

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