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What did Shaleigh just see? Be sure to share your suspicions below!

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Coneen seems to be leporine in nature, judging by her shape and mention of herbivores. She also seems to be the superior rank to Shaleigh, or acting due to how much metaphorical dirt she has on her.
Also, interesting to note that in order to be in a “hub”, one has to wear a hooded cloak. Wonder if it’s some sort of magic item or just to conceal identity.
But neither that answer, nor the ones pertaining to Coneen or the hub will Kess learn. Guess Shaleigh’s really trying to keep her in the dark as much as she’s able about the behind the curtain stuff.

This is having a Attack on Titan feel. Where the land the dragons and tigers have been destroying each other over is in fact only a tiny part of the planet, and the rest of civilization, well, if not having found peace, at least not being trapped in a futile endless rotting blood feud.

Hehe, Kess is too short for her cloak. Poor Shaleigh getting picked on, can’t seem to find a break from anyone, the outsiders or the conclave. And it looks like she’s probably seen the interrogation currently happening, how’s she going to scheme her way out of this one.

I’m thinking could be that Kilani’s date with Oscura has finally arrived and she is now surrounded by the court. This gives Shaleigh with much more than she could bargain for and could force her and her party into a retreat. I’m only guessing though.

Whatever has given her pause could or will send her plan into a tailspin.

So if zhrite touches like a zrite ring on a lasso rope it will block oscuras powers and weakened her right ? like kryptonite or yellow energy

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