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Sounds like Lady Chiara can breathe a sigh of relief–that is, unless a certain vexing Vixen happens to find her.

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Oh god Lumina is going to see the tigers kill Chiara isn’t she? I thought it would be the queen but this could be even worse.

Might be some more mind-cleansing in Lumina’s future if she see’s her adoptive aunt (Kess) attacking her biological aunt (Chiara, sortof). Moreso if she remembers the name she gave the cheetah doll, seeing it again. A lot coming together, and hopefully not in the way I foresee.

I’ll admit, it took me a second to sort out the familial relationships you mentioned. All this time, I hadn’t realized that Kess previously comprised part of the child’s extended family, but you’re totally right. But if Kilani is the only other person Chuki ever knew, would she know who Kess was and that they were, at least at one time, kinda-sorta related? Hmmm…

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