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Her Royal Highness Princess Lumina looks to be ready to slip off into dreamland, but is Lady Chiara‘s night about to take a turn for the worse? Share your thoughts below on what you think is going to be the Vexing Vixen Shaleigh‘s next move!

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The brainwashing has always been a sour point for me, but its a fine means of creating conflict around Lumina.
Like I know how it seems fine to the dragons, even why its necessary for were the stories at right now, it just feels so “nefarious” for some reason.
Its probably has something to do with how nonchalant all of Lumina’s caretakers are about messing with her mind.
Can’t lie, I’m definitely hoping one day she remembers who she was and starts to rebel!

It’s always been a defining point for the queen and some other staff, especially Lucis, that they just don’t care for Lumina as a child like Kilani did.
While Chiara seems to be an exception, she’s still an accessory to the continued brainwashing to make sure the princess is little more than a bioweapon against their enemy, and nothing else.

Also, with Shaleigh opening a small hole into reality, the tigers with her may hear “the song” and get a very wrong idea of what’s going on in that room.

Ok. So the song isn’t to Shaleigh’s tastes. Oh, well.

Anyway, the fox spying on Chiara and Lumina has me worried considering who her companions are and what they plan to do. Or rather what one tigress has VOWED to do for her sister. Plus, Chiara’s comment about the new name working has lit up my mind about something from Kilani and Oscura’s conversation.

Oscura said “the war IS our peace.” I’m thinking that the reason Lumina had her memory altered was not so much as the dragon’s being afraid of negative influence, but rather Oscura being fearful of what could happen if the two races saw coexistence was possible and the war ends. With the conflict over, all of Oscura’s work to ensure stability within the Dragon Kingdom would be for naught as racial bias takes hold and tears the Kingdom down from within.

Back to the page, Shaleigh, looks on in frustration as Chiara, the target, sings to the Princess. She is visibly displeased and will have to change her plans again, unless the all too eager tigers decide to jump in and act before thinking.

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